Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Kent tops UK list of most car accidents

Kent tops UK list of most car accidents

THE UK’s top 10 most dangerous regions for drivers in terms of accident numbers have been revealed — but the good news is that Oxfordshire does not make the list.

Research by motorcycling outfitters Motolegends found that Kent was top of the list, with a reported 49,216 incidents involving 92,310 vehicles since 2009. Next up were Surrey (43,155 accidents) and Essex (34,799).

Completing the top 10 are: Lancashire (34,740), Hampshire (34,018), Birmingham (31,482), Hertfordshire (28,544), Lincolnshire (25,132), West Sussex (23,072) and Staffordshire (21,601).

The highest number of accidents occur on a Friday during the afternoon and evening rush hour.

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