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Schoolboy helps elderly woman after street fall

A SCHOOLBOY from Sonning Common has been called a “mini hero” after he helped an elderly

A SCHOOLBOY from Sonning Common has been called a “mini hero” after he helped an elderly woman who had fallen over in the village.

Dexter Hampton, nine, sprang into action after he saw the woman lying on the pavement in Grove Road on Monday last week.

He quickly told his mother Nikki, who came to see if the woman was okay.

Having helped her up, the mother and son then took the woman to Sonning Common Health Centre to be checked over by a doctor.

Dexter said: “I saw her lying there and ran to tell my mum. I shouted ‘Mum, an old lady’s fallen over on the street’.

“At first neither mum nor Felix [Dexter’s brother] believed me so I told them again and they followed me out of the house to where the old lady was.

“She had tried to wheel her trolley down a ramp and fallen over, she was quite shaken.

“Once we had helped her up, we took her to the local doctor’s surgery to see if she was alright and so they could check for any injuries. She had two cuts on her head from where she had fallen over.”

Mrs Hampton said she, Dexter and Felix, 10, were about to head to the shops when her younger son came rushing in.

“Dexter was outside waiting for me and his brother before we nipped to the shops,” she said.

“He spotted the lady who was half sitting, half lying on the pavement as he came running to say the lady was lying down and needed help.

“He said I needed to hurry because she was laying on the floor so I went over and picked her up.

“A couple of other people had stopped as well and Dexter saw she had a cut on her head.” After the woman saw the doctor the family walked her home.

Mrs Hampton said: “Dexter does really like to help people so I am really proud of him making sure we listened to him and came out.

“I’m pleased he thought he could help and did not run away. Sometimes that can happen with children.”

Mrs Hampton said the woman was grateful for Dexter helping her, adding: “She didn’t want to be any trouble and she gave the boys a bit of pocket money, which was really sweet and they were not expecting that. It was really kind.”

Dexter recounted what had happened to his class teacher Annabel Worlock who told his classmates. “Everyone was saying how impressed they were,” she said.

Miss Worlock added: “He is a mini-hero. We are constantly talking about school values such as kindness and respect for others but he has done something amazing outside of school.

“He is an empathetic boy in school and it is really good to hear he is doing that outside school as well.”

She added: “Often children can be different outside school but to notice someone in need of help and to go and do something is amazing.”

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