Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Soha tenant wins good neighbour award

A WOMAN has received an award for being a good neighbour after being nominated by her best friend

A WOMAN has received an award for being a good neighbour after being nominated by her best friend.

Pauline Miller, who has multiple sclerosis, put forward Heather Durrant as a thank-you for her years of looking after her.

Mrs Durrant, 70, calls her every day to ask her how she is, regularly visits for coffee and a chat and helps with shopping.

Mrs Miller, 75, who lives at The Close, Henley, said: “There are so many reasons why I nominated Heather. She is fabulous and we get on so well.”

The pair knew each other for many years while their children were growing up. Mrs Miller then moved to France for 22 years but following the death of her husband and developing MS, she moved back to Henley.

She said: “I knew Heather for many years before I moved to France.

“When I moved back she sort of arrived and we carried on where we left off.

“She is literally on the phone to me every day to see how I am. We are the best of friends and Heather is so selfless. She would do anything for me, I don’t even have to ask her.” Mrs Miller, who has five children, including town councillor Sarah Miller, added: “Life would be very boring without Heather. She is full of fun and brings out the fun in other people while not suffering fools gladly, which I like.”

Mrs Durrant, who lives in Gainsborough Hill, was presented with the award at the Soha housing association annual awards ceremony and thank-you dinner for more than 100 tenants held at Didcot civic centre.

She also received a bouquet of flowers from Vic Breach, who is also a Soha tenant and chairman of its board, and some chocolates.

Mrs Durrant said: “We went to this party and they called out the names of all the nominees and I was the second name to be called and I thought ‘who the hell has put me forward?’

“Pauline couldn’t hear anything because it was quite noisy and she asked me where was I going— she had forgotten! Pauline is the most amazing lady.”

Mrs Durrant, who has seven children, 13 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren, is an avid gardener and regularly takes part in Henley in Bloom, winning the overall award in 2013.

She didn’t take part this year because she “needed a rest”.

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