Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Hundreds protest at bank closure

HUNDREDS of people have signed a petition opposing the closure of a bank in Caversham.

HUNDREDS of people have signed a petition opposing the closure of a bank in Caversham.

Lloyds announced in August that its branch in Bridge Street would close next month, saying it was no longer busy as more than 90 per cent of personal customers used other branches.

But dozens of customers have protested and they have been backed by Reading East MP Rob Wilson who launched the petition at St Martin’s Precinct on Saturday.

He has also written to Lloyds but the bank replied that the decision had been made and wouldn’t be changed.

Mr Wilson said: “It’s deeply disappointing to read that Lloyds’ position remains unchanged despite my own efforts and the strong representations that have been made by local account holders likely to be inconvenienced by the bank’s ill-considered plans.”

He said Lloyds had admitted that it had not consulted customers before deciding to close the branch.

“This is not the right way to treat loyal customers and I know that many are already planning to switch banks due to the discourteous and complacent manner in which this serious action has been conducted,” said Mr Wilson.

“This is completely understandable and I have stated repeatedly that if Lloyds does not feel it worth supporting Caversham, why should Caversham residents continue to support Lloyds?”

The bank says that account holders will be able to use the Lloyds branch in Broad Street in central Reading.

However, Mr Wilson said: “The idea that the Broad Street branch will give customers a good service is a complete fantasy and demonstrates how little the bank cares about providing a service.

“I remain committed to convincing Lloyds to reverse its decision and hope that constituents will get behind the campaign by signing the petition and demonstrating the strength of feeling that exists among local people.”

To sign the petition online visit www.surveymonkey.

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