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Moonlight walk in aid of village school

Moonlight walk in aid of village school

ON the beautiful clear and chilly moonlit evening of Friday, February 9 about 50 people took part in a fun and muddy two-mile Moonlight Walk around the fields behind the Sue Ryder hospice to raise money for Nettlebed Community School, writes Bronte Bennett.

In the playground, there were a few tables set up with drinks and snacks and another table with light-up toys. There were squidgy flashy lights in various colours and foam flashy lightsabers which were especially popular with the boys.

When we arrived we signed in and donated £2. Before we set off, the children piled on to the new all-weather-pitch to warm up with Charlotte, a zumba coach. After a few energetic songs and a lot of dance moves, we were all very warm and hyper.

Next, all the children dumped their coats on their parents and ran off towards the walled garden gate and flooded through when Diana Mills unlocked it to start the walk.

The younger boys used their foam sticks as swords but the younger girls just chatted and didn’t get too physical. The parents chatted (obviously) in small groups. The older girls sang various songs together and everyone had fun.

When we had completed the two miles, we all returned to the

playground for delicious soup and hot drinks.

Then we all went home to snuggle into a warm bed to have happy dreams about an amazingly fun evening.

Above, warming up and, right, Chesley-Eva Clogg

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