Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Moorings upgrade

MORE than £25,000 could be spent on improving the moorings on the River Thames at Mill and Marsh Meadows in Henley.

The town council owns a 470m stretch of temporary moorings at Marsh Meadows and 330m of temporary and 127m of permanent moorings at Mill Meadows. The temporary moorings attract an annual income of more than £30,000. The permanent ones are leased by Hobbs of Henley and bring in about £45,000 a year.

The council is to seek estimates from contractors to carry out the work. Improvements could include levelling out the path at the permanent moorings and installing new sections of sheet metal piling in areas where the grass bank is eroding at Marsh Meadows.

A stretch of piling at the latter could be upgraded to include a hardwood timber “cap” to make it level. New mooring rings could be installed at the temporary moorings at Mill Meadows and the wall evened out.

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