Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Cash for crossing approved

Henley Town Council by-election confirmed

THE first step in installing a new zebra crossing in Gravel Hill, Henley, is to be funded by a £4,625 contribution from the town council.

The scheme has been approved by Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, but it can’t meet the full cost so the town council has agreed to put contribute towards design work.

It will hire an expert to draw up a layout plan which is detailed enough to put the proposal to public consultation, which is required before it can become a reality.

A survey of the street is also required at a cost of £1,750 before the drawing can be produced for £2,875.

The sum was agreed at a town council planning committee meeting.

The county council is expected to meet the remaining costs of just over £31,000 for a speed survey, a pedestrian and vehicle count, consultation and the build work itself.

Earlier this year, the county council installed a £37,000 crossing near the “pram walk” in Greys Road following a 10-year campaign by the community.

It’s hoped that a third crossing can be installed near the entrance to the Swiss Farm camping and caravan site off Marlow Road.

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