Monday, 29 November 2021

Farewell Song for Hugh, Grace and Isaac Too

The time has come as we knew it would,
When the Barnes must leave this neighbourhood,
When Grace and Hugh and Isaac too
Will drive down south to pastures new
In a far off Cornish town...

Remember the days when we weren't locked down
And Grace and Hugh were new in town?
“Who let the dads out” gave mums a rest,
Tuesday Group with teenagers was carried out with zest
And Messy Church was always.... a blast!

Holiday Club was an annual do,
With teams of helpers energised by Hugh.
Silly ditties, Bible fun, masses of activities for everyone,
Planned by Grace with her usual flair

And the famous mannequin was always there.

We’ll picture Hugh in years to come,
Sitting there by the big bass drum,
Jazzing up the rhythm with his box of tricks
Crashing on the cymbals, flashing with the sticks,
Then leaping up to preach...

Lockdown challenged us, and so did Hugh,

Rescuing the dinosaurs who didn’t know what to do.
Pre-recorded services were something that we tried,
But Hugh the techno-wizard simply took them in his stride
As he introduced the parish...
to Zoom!

The new church centre was his time to shine,
The tables, chairs and carpet tiles all turned out fine,
The swish new kitchen is exactly what we need
And the large dishwasher does its job at speed

The perfect place for a rendezvous,
Is there anything that Hugh can’t do?

Digging Deeper was a course he ran,
To grow our faith and to seek God’s plan,
His preaching style is to tell it straight,
Which we’re sure they’ll all appreciate
In that far off Cornish town.

With so much on his plate he was often running late,
Speeding on his bicycle, arriving in a state,
With bucketloads of energy and endless wild ideas
It was often quite exhausting for Steve and John his peers,
But Grace… was there to sort… him out!

We’ll miss the sound of the big bass drum
Jazzing up the music — it was so much fun!
We’ll miss seeing Isaac growing up so fast,
But we’re glad God’s found him a job at last
And so, dear Hugh, Grace and Isaac too,
It’s farewell till we all come down to stay with you.

And we’ll treasure every memory we have of you.

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