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Spot endangered species and win a prize

Spot endangered species and win a prize

BRITAIN has many endangered species of wildlife. There are 67 birds on the red list. Eleven out of 47 native mammals are at imminent risk of extinction and five are “near-threatened”. Four out of 13 of our reptiles and amphibians are threatened.

When it comes to butterflies, out of 62 species studied, four are regionally extinct and 19 are threatened. One in five native plant species is threatened. These numbers do not include invertebrates or marine life. To celebrate all these species and to promote the need to help them survive, the organisers of Henley’s Great Big Green Week events have teamed up with 44 shops and businesses in the town to create a family “treasure” hunt.

Each business will have a small picture of one of Britain’s vanishing species in its window. Follow the trail of participating traders to see if you can find them all. Using the form below, write the number of each of the endangered species listed here next to the shop name where you spotted it.

Hand your completed form into the Wildlife Wonders Zone at Greener Henley’s stall in Falaise Square on Sunday or next Saturday (September 25).

Don’t forget to include your name, address and daytime contact number. The first three correct entries chosen at random will win a prize, including a £10 voucher to be spent at Richard Way’s Books in Friday Street.

The species featured and their numbers are: 1 Adder, 2 Banded demoiselle, 3 Barn owl, 4 Broad bodied chaser,
5 Brown hairstreak, 6 Bullfinch, 7 Cuckoo, 8 Dotterel, 9 Eurasian beaver,
10 Fieldfare, 11 Garden tiger moth,
12 Goshawk, 13 Grey long-eared bat,
14 Harvest mouse, 15 Hawkfinch, 16 Hazel dormouse, 17 Hedgehog, 18 Kingfisher, 19 Marsh fritillary, 20 Merlin,
21 Migrant hawker, 22 Military orchid, 23 Mistle thrush, 24 Natterjack toad,
25 Nightjar, 26 Northern dune tiger beetle, 27 Pasque flower, 28 Peregrine falcon, 29 Pine marten, 30 Red squirrel, 31 Redpoll, 32 Redwing, 33 Ruby-tailed wasp, 34 Sand lizard, 35 Seagrass meadows, 36 Silver spotted skipper, 37 Snake’s head fritillary, 38 Stag beetle, 39 Turtle dove, 40 Wall butterfly, 41 Water vole, 42 White-legged damselfly, 43 White-tailed bumblebee, 44 Willow tit.

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