Saturday, 02 July 2022

Library poster

Library poster

TWO supporters of Watlington library have produced an illustrated poster and poem to raise money towards running costs.

Dr John Rawstrom wrote the poem, Bobs and Me, which is about a teddy bear who goes on a trip to the seaside.

Jen Skene, an artist, created the watercolour illustrations.

Copies of the A2 poster featuring their work are on sale at the High Street library for £10 each. So far, more than £150 has been raised.

Dr Rawstrom, 90, who used to be a trustee of the library and lives in High Street, said: “Jen wanted me to write a story about Bobs the teddy bear, so that she could illustrate it and she did a wonderful job.”

Ms Skene said: “We are both involved in the library and we see each other a lot, so I suggested to John he should write a story and I could illustrate it to raise money for the Friends of Watlington library, which is the best charity around. I loved the poem he came up with and it was a real treat to illustrate it.

“It’s important for us to always find new ways to raise money for the Friends as they keep the library vibrant and now that we can, we want to welcome as many people in as possible.”

The poem goes as follows:

I love the seaside, said Bobs
The blue sky, the blue sea
The soft sand
We can paddle in the sea
We can make sandcastles
We can fly a kite!
It doesn’t matter if the weather
gets grumpy
We can walk the dog
Have an ice cream
Listen to a story
Go to sleep.

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