Sunday, 22 May 2022

Mud pies and witches’ potions for imaginative minds

Mud pies and witches’ potions for imaginative minds

EARLY years pupils at Kidmore End Primary School have a new outdoor play area. 

The school’s parent teacher association raised £5,500 to buy a new mark making hut, a mud making kitchen and a magnetic water wall. 

Members of the association helped decorate the area in the summer holidays before the pupils returned to the school in Chalkhouse Green Road. 

Victoria Jones, a member of the group, said: “The magnetic water wall and the mud kitchen in particular are massive hits with the children and the new role play areas are definitely inspiring their imaginations.

“I have heard lots of fun stories of the children getting grubby making mud pies and witches’ potions and of their interest in learning how to control the water flow through the pipes and gutters at the water wall.”

Katie Hinnell, who teaches the foundation year, said: “The new play area is wonderful, stimulating and engaging the children and allowing them to unlock their imagination. It has been a pleasure to interact and enjoy their learning.”

Headteacher Andrew Griffin said: “Our new vision is, ‘Aiming for excellence’. We want the children to have the very best opportunities as they start their journey at Kidmore End.

“By investing in our early years, we hope to create brilliant young minds with a thirst for knowledge.”

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