Monday, 04 July 2022

Cemetery entrance improved with new solid oak gates

Cemetery entrance improved with new solid oak gates

A SET of new solid oak gates has been installed at the entrance to Wargrave cemetery.

A cap on one of the entrance pillars was also replaced, as was an area of stone chippings in order to improve drainage.

The work at the cemetery off Braybrooke Road, which cost about £5,000 and took about four months, was paid for by the Wargrave Heritage Trust, which provides financial assistance towards the maintenance of public buildings in the village of architectural, historical or social merit.

The new gates were built and installed by Dave Basford, a craftsman who has been involved in a number of local restoration projects.

He chose European oak, which will help the gates survive for many years in the rather damp environment of the former chalk pit.

Peter Halman, honorary secretary of the trust, said: “It was a worthwhile cause, a service to the whole village.

“The difficulty of the site is that it is the lowest point in the village and very damp. We are very pleased with the result. Dave is a very fine craftsman.”

Peter Mayes, who handles property management for the parochial church council, said: “We are delighted to see such a significant improvement on the appearance of the cemetery entrance.

“The old gates were in very poor condition and we appreciate the trust’s generosity.”

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