Saturday, 19 June 2021

Ready regatta

LION Meadow, the car park for Henley Royal Regatta, was flooded, which could hamper the start of work to get the site ready for this summer’s event.

Regatta secretary Daniel Grist said: “If we have more floods in the spring then that will become a concern.Undoubtedly we will have to do more work than usual on the grass and there may be silt and other things dumped on the ground.”

Storage units in Remenham Lane were flooded but most items were moved. Many materials are stored in the boat dock under the regatta headquarters.

Mr Grist said: “The headquarters were designed to cope with floods. Although a lot of the wood was floating around it doesn’t escape because the doors to the river close it all off.

“When the water goes down everything should still be there but we will be left with an awful lot of silt.”

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