Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Now residents count cost of floods

HOMES have been damaged by the floods that swept through the area last week.

Properties in Wargrave, Shiplake and Whitchurch as well as some on Rod Eyot, opposite Mill Meadows in Henley, were submerged after the River Thames reached levels only 3in lower than the infamous floods of 2003.

Residents in Loddon Drive, Wargrave, evacuated their homes as the water came in, causing tens of thousands of pounds of damage. Many villagers parked their vehicles in the station car park to keep them safe.

Mark Bond, 46, returned to his bungalow in Loddon Drive after spending two weeks in Italy over Christmas to find it under a foot of water in the lowest-lying rooms.

He had been warned about the flooding by neighbours but was still shocked by what he found. Mr Bond, who wore waders, said: “I went down there not knowing what to expect. It was really when I got to the front gate and looked at the house from the road that I thought ‘that doesn’t look good’. I prepared myself for the worst and when I got inside those fears were confirmed.”

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