Friday, 18 June 2021

My terror at 37,000ft

A MAN from Henley has told of his terror when his aeroplane was forced into an emergency landing.

Bill Mundy said he feared for his life when the Singapore Airlines flight suddenly lost cabin air pressure while at 37,000ft.

The 77-year-old artist, who was with a female companion, said: “We were absolutely convinced we would be killed and could only hope it would be quick. Luckily, my hair is already white or it might have changed colour there and then.”

The Airbus A380 was six hours into a flight from Heathrow to Singapore when the pilot called “this is an emergency” over the PA system and the plane began a descent. Oxygen masks were released from the overhead compartments for the 476 passengers to put on.

Mr Mundy, said: “We’d been flying for about six hours and were over Afghanistan in the dark when suddenly an announcement I’d been dreading in all the years I’ve been flying came over the loudspeaker in a very loud and urgent voice.

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