Thursday, 24 June 2021

Thoughtless driver leaves couple upset

A COUPLE have been left hundreds of pounds out of pocket after a driver crashed into their car in a car park but then drove off without owning up.

Richard and Elizabeth Hodgkin say they are frustrated and annoyed and have appealed for the offender to come forward.

Mrs Hodgkin, a town councillor and former Mayor, parked her grey Toyota Avensis in Greys Road car park between 8.30am and 10.30am on Tuesday last week while attending a meeting at the town hall.

She didn’t find a note on the car when she got back to it and it was only after she had driven back to the couple’s home in Nicholas Road that she spotted the large dent in the rear wheel arch on the driver’s side.

She reported the damage to the police the following day and was told that officers might be able to look at footage from the CCTV cameras at the car park. Mrs Hodgkin said: It’s just annoying. We have lost our year’s no claims bonus and it’s going to cost hundreds of pounds to fix. You would hope that whoever did this would leave a note.

The couple have now had the car repaired, which cost them more than £250.

But Mr Hodgkin said: The £250 is just the start it will cost us lots more in insurance premiums and no claims bonuses. It’s hugely frustrating and an unnecessary bill for us to foot. This is something the offending party should be dealing with, not us.

People are thoughtless in thinking they can get away with this sort of action. They probably do consider the knock-on effects but just aren’t prepared to own up and that’s not right.

In a letter to this week’s Henley Standard, he said: I hope that if the guilty party reads this they may have second thoughts and will own up.

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