Sunday, 25 July 2021

Farmer expands golf course woodland for walkers

A FARMER is planting about 20,000 trees on a golf course in Peppard.

Alexander Hood, 68, who owns Greys Green Farm and golf course, is covering 20 acres of his land as part of a project to plant 150,000 trees over more than 200 acres.

“I love trees,” he said. “Essentially we have turned what was an arable farm into a woodland with a golf course. Apart from my four children, it’s what I’m most proud of. What I would like is if in 1,000 years’ time someone says they should cut that woodland down, another person says ‘you can’t cut it down, it’s ancient woodland’.”

Mr Hood, who moved to Rotherfield Greys in the Eighties, decided to plant trees, including native broad leaves and evergreens, in a 100-acre plot and build the golf course around it.

He said: “I played golf in Surrey, where there are lot of trees, so I decided the most economically sustainable way of planting trees was to have a golf course among them.

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