Friday, 18 June 2021

My life story by dinner lady who has never moved far

A FORMER dinner lady who has never moved more than five miles from where she was born has released her autobiography.

Dorothy Ackerman, 87, launched The Cowman’s Daughter at Watlington library on Saturday surrounded by friends and family, including her sister Win Fraser, who travelled from Darlington.

The book was compiled using her notes and diaries with the help of ghostwriter Sebastian Gach, from Henley.

She and her friend Pauline Verbe then edited the rough drafts.Mrs Ackerman, who has lived in Church Street, Watlington, for about 20 years, said: “It’s my life story. I’ve always wanted to write a book but I never, ever dreamed I’d ever do so.

“I’m very proud of myself — I think at 87 I’ve every right to be.”

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