Thursday, 17 June 2021

World Cup anthem not like Three Lions

WHEN I wrote about comedy ukulele group No Direction HoT Boys two weeks ago I didn’t mention how they came to be named, or rather renamed.

The trio of Martyn Cooper, Peter McConnell and Mike Holland, who boast about having an average age of 53, used to be known as just No Direction but had to add “HoT Boys” because there was already a group with that name in America.

Singer Martyn Cooper says: “HoT Boys works on so many levels — Peter lives in Henley-on-Thames [HoT] and we consider it our home town. Mike is hot, as in slim with classical looks, and I’m a big fat bloke who sweats a lot so hot applied to us all in some way.”

The band will be playing on the acoustic stage at the Hideaway Festival at Fawley Hill on August 10.

Martyn jokes: “We’ve cleared many venues before and I’m glad people such as festival organisers are recognising our skill.”

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