Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Henley skate park half pipe sold

THE broken half pipe at Henley skate park has been sold.

Tom Clark, from, Sonning Common, paid £500 for the aging piece of equipment which the town council wanted removed from its land at Makins Road recreation ground because it was potentially unsafe.

Mr Clark, 25, dismantled the half pipe on Wednesday and took it to use in his garden.

He said: “I thought it was an absolute waste for it to be binned. If you went out to buy this new today it would cost £12,500.

“I thought for a few hundred quid, why not have a crack at refurbishing it and have it for myself and my mates to mess about on? I used to skate but I haven’t done for a couple of years.”

The Henley Skatepark Initiative’s invited offers for the equipment on its Facebook page.

Chairman Colin Brathwaite said: “We saved the town council the money it would have cost to remove it so we feel it’s a win-win.

“It’s a shame to lose part of Henley’s wheeled sports facility but considering the council made the decision to close the half pipe I think we have made the best out of a bad situation.”

The money from the sale will go towards the new £250,000 concrete skate, which was given planning permission in June.

The half pipe before it was dismantled
The Henley skate park half pipe before being dismantled.

The half pipe in parts
During dismantling...

The half pipe is no more
The half pipe is no more.

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