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Hairy Bikers prove an inspiration

A MAN has lost almost a third of his body weight after being inspired by TV chefs the Hairy Bikers to join a slimmers? group.

A MAN has lost almost a third of his body weight after being inspired by TV chefs the Hairy Bikers to join a slimmers? group.

Ray Nicholson has lost seven-and-a-half stone since August, dropping from nearly 24 stone to sixteen-and-a-half, and an inch off his waist.

He says he was inspired by a television dieting programme featuring celebrity chefs Dave Myers and Simon King.

Mr Nicholson, a urology nurse specialist, said: ?I watched the Hairy Bikers and saw how easily they?d lost weight and just thought, ?I need to do this?.

?It was like a switch turned on in my head and I decided I needed to do something sooner rather than later.?

He joined Slimming World in Watlington the following day ? his 41st birthday ? and says he has not looked back since.

Mr Nicholson, who lives in Adwell with his wife Claire, a school nurse, and their children Harry, six, and Daisy, two, said: ?I needed to join a group for some moral support but I walked past the Slimming World class about four times before I actually joined.

?I?d lost about half a stone before I joined but it was after joining that I really started eating less and moving more. I was addicted to all the bad stuff and comfort eating. I was over-eating.?

Now his daily diet consists of two poached eggs on toast for breakfast, a mid- morning snack of fruit, a proper, healthy lunch and a ?reasonable? evening meal with his family.

He says the weight crept on when he stopped exercising while at university in Australia and he brought his bad habits with him when he qualified as a nurse and emigrated to England in 1996.

He used to use the lift at his office but now walks up the six flights of stairs and regularly walks up to four miles a day.

Mr Nicholson said: ?I want to go out and walk now whereas before it was a chore. One or two sets of stairs would have been my maximum.

?I used to be out of breath just standing still and I would struggle to do up my shoelaces. Now I am quite proactive about exercising.?

He has lost an average of four pounds a week and hopes to reach his target of 16 stone in the next two months and enter Slimming World?s man of the year competition.

?People are quite amazed at how different I look,? he said. ?I have a lot more get up and go and things are much easier.

?I?m actually pretty chuffed I have done it because I can go into nice clothes shops and get something off the peg. I don?t look like a man who has to wear sloppy big clothes any more.?

Mr Nicholson says his wife?s encouragement has been invaluable.

?She?s been really supportive,? he said. ?I think she?s quite proud as she told me it?s amazing what I?ve achieved. I?m smaller now than when we met 12 years ago.?

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