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Mother and daughter shed 12st in 18 months

A MOTHER and daughter from Henley have lost 12 stone between them in 18 months.

A MOTHER and daughter from Henley have lost 12 stone between them in 18 months.

Lesley Fraser, 49, of Gainsborough Hill, has trained to be a zumba instructor after dropping from more than 20st to 13st 3lb.

Her 17-year-old daughter Amy now weighs 12st 3lb, five stones lighter than when she started dieting.

The women decided to lose weight after Amy struggled to find a dress for the graduation prom at Gillotts School last year.

“All she could find was an old lady prom dress,” said Miss Fraser. “She burst into tears and said, ‘I look absolutely terrible’ so I said to her, ‘well then, we must do something about it’.”

Days later, they joined Slimming World in Sonning Common and within a week Amy had lost more than 5lb and her mother had shed more than 8lb.

The teenager had lost three stone by the date of the prom and was able to pick out a pink Quiz dress for the occasion.

Amy, who is now a size 12, said: “It felt amazing and I loved wearing it.”

Miss Fraser, who has dropped from size 24/26 to a size 14, now plans each meal and makes everything herself.

She said: “Before we would have breakfast on the go. Usually I would have toast and jam while Amy would often skip breakfast and not eat until her lunch, which would be sandwiches, crisps, fruit and perhaps a chocolate bar in between.

“Now we have yoghurt and fruit for breakfast while lunch tends to be salad, pasta or soup, depending on what the weather is like. Tea is anything from a roast to a shepherd’s pie but everything is made from lean mince.”

She says sweets used to be their downfall as they both used to eat a family-sized pack of Haribo most days.

Miss Fraser, who works part-time at The Henley College as a student support assistant, says that slimming together helped them succeed.

She said: “Amy has really kept me on target. If I’m eating something that I shouldn’t be she turns around and says, ‘Mum, you shouldn’t be eating that’.

“On average, we’ve lost about a pound or a pound-and-a-half a week, which is quite slow but steady.”

Miss Fraser also works part-time at the patisserie counter in Waitrose in Henley and the Full House fish and chip shop in Friday Street but says she is not tempted to taste the goods as she has “tried it all before”.

She and Amy had been taking part in zumba classes at the Christ Church Centre in Henley for two years when she was encouraged by a friend to start teaching herself after the instructor left. “I am now up to doing five classes a week and it has made such a difference,” she said. “I love it and wish I’d done it years ago.

“Zumba is such fun and I feel so good for it. It’s good exercise and you dance to music you like rather than what you’ve been told to. It has a bit of a social side to it as well — there is a good crowd and you meet a lot of new people.”

The women want to lose another stone each in order to reach their target weights but feel proud at what they have achieved so far.

Miss Fraser, who also has a son, Harry, 18, said: “It was only when my friend said to me, ‘you do realise you’ve lost my body weight between you’ that I realised what we had achieved.

“It’s amazing being able to go into a normal shop and not have to think about what size I am. I can go in, pick up a size 14 and know it will fit whereas before I was much more restricted.

“I have a lot more confidence than I had before and I’m a lot happier with myself.”

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