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Man remarried wife six days before his death

A HENLEY estate agent remarried his former wife only days before he died.

A HENLEY estate agent remarried his former wife only days before he died.

Paul Dalton, the founder of Daltons in Reading Road, married his spouse Linda for the second time at Henley register office on January 2.

The 66-year-old passed away six days later from pancreatic cancer with which he was diagnosed in October.

The couple met in 1973 when Mr Dalton was a junior estate agent at J Chambers in Hart Street, Henley. They were married the following August in Thirsk in North Yorkshire, where Mrs Dalton grew up.

The couple divorced in the early Nineties but neither married again.

Mr Dalton, of Bensgrove Close, Woodcote, fell ill suddenly in September and needed help carrying out his daily activities.

His daughters Amy Cousins and Lucy Dalton could not be there all the time so Mrs Dalton, who lives in Abingdon, agreed to pitch in.

In the months that followed the pair rekindled their relationship and decided to tie the knot while Mr Dalton was still well enough.

The ceremony was attended by Mrs Cousins, her husband Jon and their children, Miss Dalton and her partner, Mrs Dalton’s parents Tony and Kay Konieczny and Mr Dalton’s younger brother Colin.

Miss Dalton, 30, who is now running Daltons, said: “It was a small gathering but it was a very happy day that gave us a lot of good memories. It was a ray of sunshine amid everything else that was going on.

“Right up until the morning we weren’t sure whether Dad would be well enough and we were really pleased that he didn’t fall asleep during the ceremony. It felt strange because for most of our lives our parents had lived separately but we were just glad to see them so happy.”

Mr Dalton grew up in Leicester but his family moved to Lower Shiplake when he was 11 years old.

He was educated at the independent Worksop College before returning to Henley to begin his career.

He set up his business in Reading Road in the early Eighties and continued to run it until he became unwell.

Despite the rise of computers, he always refused to install one at his desk in the front of the shop. Miss Dalton, from Thatcham, used to help him with office work as a teenager and began working as his PA and secretary about four years ago.

She will remain in charge for the time being but said she was looking for a “more suitable alternative solution”.

She said: “People often say how old-fashioned the office looks but that was Dad through and through.

“They were always shocked that he didn’t have a monitor on his desk because nowadays everyone does. But Dad valued face-to-face contact and he wanted to be talking to people rather than looking at a screen.

“Everyone in the business community remembers him as kind, tenacious and a stickler for detail. He was very much a belt-and-braces man.

“He preferred doing things the old-fashioned way and it was my job to bring things into the modern world.

“He knew all of his properties and landlords and knew where everything was kept at each one in case of an emergency. I think he really valued individual relationships and prided himself on giving a personal service.”

Mr Dalton leaves his widow Linda, daughters Amy and Lucy and grandchildren Joshua, Millie, Archie and Alfie.

His funeral was held at St Peter and St Paul’s Church in Shiplake on Wednesday.

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