Thursday, 18 August 2022

Sisters delighted to finish 50-mile ultra-run

TWO sisters from Henley took part in a 50-mile ultra-run that finished in the town on Saturday.

TWO sisters from Henley took part in a 50-mile ultra-run that finished in the town on Saturday.

Kara and Emma Wirt were among the 313 people who took part in the Thames Trot, following a route along the Thames Path from Oxford.

Competitors had to reach five checkpoints at Culham Lock, Benson, Streatley, Mapledurham and Sonning before pre-set times in order to complete the race. Only 259 runners made it.

Kara, of Tuns Lane, Henley, and Emma, who is studying pharmacy at Cardiff University, crossed the finish line in Mill Meadows in 10 hours and 36 minutes.

Kara, 27, a yoga teacher, said: “It was really good fun and we were really pleased to finish in the time limit. The first 20 miles were quite good because it was cold and the ground was nice and crisp so the mud was quite easy to run through but the last 30 miles were really, really muddy and it was much more about trying to stay upright.”

Emma, 22, said: “It was really muddy and I fell over twice, which was a bit of a nightmare, but luckily I had no injuries.

“The tiredness doesn’t really hit you until afterwards because the endorphins carry you along, so it was enjoyable more than anything else. By the time we reached the last checkpoint it was pitch black and really muddy so we had to run with head torches on.” Event organiser Steve Kearns said: “With 68 runners failing to finish the course within the 11-hour cut-off, it is easy to see just how tough this race was in the muddy conditions.

“This makes the performances of those 259 ultra-runners who did make it to the finish line all the more impressive.”

The winner was Craig Holgate, who finished in five hours and 48minutes, followed by Scott Forbes in second and Paul Raistrick third.

The fastest woman was Susie Chesher with a time of six of hours and 52 minutes followed by Fionna Ross and then Karen Hathaway.

Last year’s Thames Trot was also meant take place along the Thames Path, but heavy flooding meant many sections were unusable.

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