Friday, 12 August 2022

Competition winners and runners–up

THE art competition winners were as follows: Nettlebed School Art Club for Us In Our Worlds;

THE art competition winners were as follows: Nettlebed School Art Club for Us In Our Worlds; KS2 Art Club for Nurture, Influence and Independence; Jessica Smyth for Deer Watching In Broadplat Woods; Matilda Macartney for A Flight In The Park; Verity Dobson (untitled); Anouska Hawkes for I’m About To Dance In The Rain!; Dylan Gadson for My World, Making and Creating; Dolly Gadson for Me In My Garden; Archie Wood for The Secret World.

Runners–up: Aged 7 to 9: Isabelle Elson and Finn Hawkes; Under 7s: Lucy Briscall, Rebecca Malone; Aged 10 to 11: Molly Upton; Aged 7 and over 3D category: Annabel Richardson.

Highly commended: Georg Ethan Gudjohnson Mitchell, Isabella Mathews, Sadie Brown, Orla Williams, Indianna Gomansall, Zara Barnett, Zack Hawkes, Gwennie Rose Hunter, Anne Irving, Dulcie Atherton Bebbington, Benjamin Haines, Eleanor and Francesca Whittle, Alex Hicks, Gabrielle Ross Hortopp, Megan Bowsher Larner, Eleanor Byron–Scott, Beau Gadson, Abigail Lawrence, Henley Brownies.

Film competition winners: Best film: Tom and Emma Francis for Our World. They also received an “Oscar” for their sofa presenting skills.

Commended: Jake Gosby and Freddie Stewart for The Secret Life of Jake; Finn and Zack Hawkes for Lego Adventure; Poppy Priestley and Isabel Spatcher; Emily Simmons and Sapphire and Summer Milne–Furneaux for Who You Are; Nell Priestley and Laura Mccloughlin; Valley Road School year five pupils for Amazing Amazon; Trinity Primary School year five pupils for The Tempest; Bishopswood School for Mr Nasty And Mr Nice.

Stonor Run results: Year 3/4 girls 1 Annie Jonkers (St Mary’s School); 2 Lily Wylie (Nettlebed); 3 Charlotte Ashby (Nettlebed). Team results: 1 Trinity; 2 Nettlebed; 3= Sonning Common and Valley Road.

Year 3/4 boys 1 Harvey Doyle (Shiplake); 2 Ben Price (Trinity); 3 Finnbarr Scott (Sacred Heart). Team results: 1 Trinity; 2 Sacred Heart; 3 Nettlebed.

Year 5/6 girls 1 Daisy Weiser (Shiplake); 2 Francesca Clarke (Trinity); 3 Athena Hall (Trinity). Team results: 1 Trinity; 2 Sacred Heart.

Year 5/6 boys 1 Tristan Flower (Trinity); 2 Charlie Shaw (Valley Road); 3 Monty Heath (St Mary’s). Team results: 1 Valley Road; 2 Trinity; 3 Sonning Common.

Overall winners: Trinity Primary School.

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