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Passer-by rescues dogs from house fire

A WOMAN has told how she rescued two dogs from a fire at a house in Henley town centre

A WOMAN has told how she rescued two dogs from a fire at a house in Henley town centre.

Hannah Hardy was driving back from a dog walk when she spotted flames at an upstairs window of the house in Gladstone Terrace at about 5.10pm on Monday.

She prised open a small window downstairs and pulled out the dachshunds belonging to Sergey Iglov and Victoria Skrebneva, who were out.

The fire is thought to have been caused by sunlight reflecting off a mirror and setting fire to curtains in the first floor bedroom.

Three fire crews were called to the scene and put out the flames. The house suffered smoke damage and a window was broken to release the fumes.

Miss Hardy, who lives in Highgate in north London but was visiting relatives, was in the car with her boyfriend James Waygood after taking their own two dachshunds, Colin, five, and Milo, two for a walk by the river.

When she spotted the flames and the dogs in a downstairs window, they stopped almost outside.

Mr Waygood, a lettings agent, dialled 999 and then they went to the terraced house.

Miss Hardy, an executive assistant with a recruitment company, said said: ?The window was slightly open so we managed to force our arms in and unlock it.

?We pulled the dogs out through the window and then climbed through to open the door for the fire brigade.

?The dogs were not barking but were huddled together in the window.?

The couple, who both grew up in Henley, later spoke to the dogs? owners.

Miss Hardy said: ?They said how grateful they were. I think they want to send us some flowers but we said not to worry.

?We love all animals and I think any dog lover would have done the same.?

Watch Manager Paul Herrington with the mirror believed to have started the fire
The Henley fire crew was first on the scene and went into the house wearing breathing apparatus to tackle the fire.

After the drama, they were served cups of tea by neighbours and biscuits from the New News newsagents next door.

Sergey Iglov and Victoria Skrebneva with their dogs Allisa and Frosya
Mr Iglov, 30, and Ms Skrebneva, 31, were walking to Marlow when they were alerted by neighbours and caught a bus back to the house, which they have been renting for three years.

They have had their dogs, Allisa, 10, and Frosya, five, since 2011.

Mr Iglov said: ?I do not know how to express how grateful I am for Hannah and James?s help.

?They also helped keeping the house safe as they were the ones who told tell the fire bridage. What they have done is amazing.?

The other fire crews came from Reading and an ambulance and a police car were also called to the scene.

Lincoln Ball, of Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: ?This is the third such incident of this kind I have been to this winter.

?The sun is lower in the winter months, so the angle can go through windows and cause this type of fire.?

In December, a £3.5 million house in The Warren, Caversham, was badly damaged after a fire which was started in the same way.

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