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Scarlett inherits creative gene from parents

WITH a pop singer for a mother and a chef as a father, it was always a fair

WITH a pop singer for a mother and a chef as a father, it was always a fair bet that Scarlett Coates would have a creative streak.

The 16-year-old proved she was a chip off the old block when she produced the official video for this year’s Henley Youth Festival.

Scarlett is the daughter of T’Pau singer Carol Decker and chef Richard Coates, who used to run the Cherry Tree in Stoke Row and is now a chef at Bodeans in London.

She has been interested in film for about five years and would like to become a storyboard artist for Disney.

She used to practise by filming the family’s two ducks, Joey and Chandler.

Scarlett says: “I have had a YouTube channel since I was 11 as I have always been interested in making videos.

“I used to make up a plan and film my friends using a small camera with a USB attached to it.”

Her early efforts were a bit “blurry” due to her lack of experience but now she is studying for a BTEC in creative media at The Henley College. She says: “My parents are really good. I had a laptop for my birthday in June to do my editing and in July they got me a video camera. I am now working chores to pay it off!”

She landed the job with the youth festival after having an internship with Richard Pinches at Meadow Farm Studios in Henley.

Scarlett particularly enjoyed filming the Dance event as it reminded her of when she performed at the festival as a 10-year-old.

“It was like looking back in time,” she says. “I used to do dances and I remember having nerves.

“It was really fun watching the young people â?? really cool. The filming was a challenge but I really enjoyed doing it.

“It is the most footage I have ever filmed and my parents helped me by driving me around.”

Her 12-year-old brother Dylan, a pupil at Gillotts School, appears in the video as a performer.

Scarlett enjoys sketching animatics and also creates her own comics. “I have always been into drawing and I like to invent stuff,” she says. “The day I finished my chemistry exam last year I tore down all the revision from my bedroom wall and painted a Pokemon mural.

“I have always enjoyed expressing myself. I have got a few ideas at the moment. One is about two creatures with different personalities. One is happy and the other is angry. It is just a rough idea.

“I sit down and listen to a bit of music and I draw what I want them to look like and then I draw arrows from them and I say what they are like and what they say. I find it really fun. It is a freaky world I create and I have adventures.”

Scarlett says having a famous mother is fun too.

“She is great as she has got that rock star vibe about her and she tells me what to wear,” she says. “She is always singing and she likes to party.”

Meanwhile, Carol herself is recovering after losing her voice due to damaged vocal chords, which meant having to cancel some tour dates.

“She is chirpy again,” says Scarlett.

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