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Mum’s first children’s book to hit shelves

A MOTHER from Woodcote is about to publish her first children’s novel.

A MOTHER from Woodcote is about to publish her first children’s novel.

Sue Palmer, 45, who lives in Oakdene with her husband Simon and sons Josh, 13, and Joseph, 10, was inspired to write

May’s Moon
by a visit to the Science Museum in London.

She went with a group of pupils from Woodcote Primary School, which Joseph attends, and was intrigued by its display about space exploration.

May’s Moon tells the story of Michael May, a 13-year-old English boy who is chosen to train for NASA’s first space mission featuring children.

He must pass a series of endurance tests and overcome his fear of water to join a crew that will land on the moon.

Mrs Palmer initially wrote the story for fun as she has written recreationally for most of her life.

However, her husband prompted her to try to get a book deal so she started sending the text out to agents. It was rejected by five publishers before being accepted by John Hunt Publishing in January.

The first print run is now being finalised and should hit the shelves in the autumn. It will be marketed across Britain, America and Australia and will be available online.

Mrs Palmer, who used to work in insurance, said: “Listening to the children chatting as we went round the museum made me think about the idea of a child going into space. I wrote it in about six months, then put it in a drawer with all my other manuscripts.

“One day Simon asked me. ‘What are you going to do with all those?’ so I decided to do something about it. I was absolutely ecstatic when it was accepted. I never thought it would happen because so many people talk about writing a book but never do it.

“I found it a hard process but I’m so glad to be doing a job I love. I’m fortunate to have had the time and a bit of luck to get to this point.”

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