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7/7 attack survivor at memorial service

A MAN who survived the 7/7 bombings in London read out the names of the 52 victims at a

A MAN who survived the 7/7 bombings in London read out the names of the 52 victims at a memorial service on the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack.

Tim Coulson, of Kiln Lane, Binfield Heath, was joined by other survivors and families of victims at the service in Hyde Park. Prince William, David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson laid wreaths at the memorial to the victims.

Mr Coulson was travelling to work in July 2005 when a Tube train exploded near Edgware Road station, killing six passengers. He was in a neighbouring train that stopped alongside the bombed carriage. He forced his way out to help injured victims until the emergency services arrived.

The father-of-five was described as an “extraordinary man” by coroner Lady Justice Hallett at the inquests in 2011.

Mr Coulson said: “The volume of what happened that day is always going to be difficult to talk about but I think also very necessary. I became aware fairly immediately of the sounds of people screaming, possibly in pain. Three of us, totally unknown to one another, moved towards the rear of our train to see if we could get out and try to help those people.

“Diagonally to my right there’s a completely charred corpse, I’ve never seen one before. The severity of that drove me to look away from that corpse to a person directly opposite of me who had no clothes on the top of their body and was half in and half out of what would have been the floor of the carriage.

“He seemed very weak, pretty obviously from the damage that had been caused to him which I hadn’t initially seen and very swiftly the man I now know to be Stan died in my arms. His eyes were still open and I deliberately closed them because I felt he’d finished with this world, he shouldn’t be looking at it anymore and it was as a mark of respect.

“Because of my background as a Christian I said a prayer for him. I felt I’d failed somewhat — why hadn’t I kept this chap alive? I went under the train to find out what had happened to him and found that in fact his body had been severed so there was no chance for Stan and no great suffering for him.”

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