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Comedy in pub garden

ABOUT 200 people attended the 56th Chiltern Edge Horticultural Society spring show.

ABOUT 200 people attended the 56th Chiltern Edge Horticultural Society spring show.

The event was held for the first time at Sonning Common village hall having moved from Chiltern Edge School.

More than 40 awards were handed out in classes including flowers, floral art, photography, children’s, handicraft and domestic.

Society chairman John Stoves said: “Despite the fact that it has been a very late spring, I thought the standard of entries was very high. All the people who took part did very well.”

The trophies and prizes were presented by Sonning Common library manager Rosemary Dunstan.

Mr Stoves said: “She gave a great speech about how she came from a family of horticulturalists but she wasn’t interested, which everyone found very funny.”

Frank Williams won the Avern Trophy for the best daffodil or narcissus and the Village Cup for the best exhibit in flower classes.

He said: “It was a difficult show because of the weather and the timing. I brought a quarter of what I would usually bring.

“It was a good little show but because of those things it meant there was a lack of competition.”

David Brewer, who won three prizes in the flower classes, said: “I do my flowers for the competition so people of the village have something to come and see.

“My wife and I have been keen gardeners for a long time and sometimes things come up trumps for competition if you take the time and trouble to enter.

“It is always good to know the judges liked your flowers.”

Sue Hedges shared two trophies â?? one for pot plants with Claire Crook and the other for floral art with Ann Holt.

The full show results were as  follows:

Avern Trophy for best exhibit in daffodil and narcissus classes: Frank Williams

The Grove Cup for most points in daffodil, narcissus and tulip classes: Bernard Winnington

The Frank Pritchard Cup for most points in pot plant classes: Claire Crook and Sue Hedges

Certificate of merit for floral art for most points in floral art: Ann Holt and Sue Hedges

The Village Cup for best exhibit in flower classes: Frank Williams

Children, aged five to 11:  1st Esme Crook; 2nd= Joel Crook and Isabel Walsh; 3rd Bella Fooks

Sonning Common front garden competition: 1st Margaret Moola and Elaine Williams; 2nd Roger and Carol Parker; 3rd Alan and Janice Davis


One specimen of trumpet daffodil, any colour: 1st Maureen Stevens; 2nd Jennifer Poska;  3rd Janet Evans

One specimen of narcissus, any colour: 1st Janet Evans; 2nd Maureen Stevens; 3rd Bernard Winnington

Vase of five trumpet daffodils, mixed: 1st Bernard Winnington

Vase of mixed narcissi, one bloom per stem: 1st Frank Williams; 2nd Bernard Winnington;  3rd Luke Unwin

Vase of narcissi, more than one bloom per stem: 1st David Brewer; 2nd Bernard Winnington;  3rd Frank Williams

Vase of any other kind of daffodil or narcissus: 1st David Brewer

Three vases of three different varieties of daffodil/narcissus/both: 1st Frank Williams; 2nd Bernard Winnington

One specimen bloom of tulip:  1st Jennifer Poska; 2nd Janet Evans

Vase of muscari, nine stems:  1st Jennifer Poska

Vase of polyanthus, five stems: 1st Frank Williams; 2nd Jennifer Poska

Vase of any other flower, outdoor grown, one kind: 1st David Brewer; 2nd Janet Evans; 3rd Claire Crook

Vase of mixed spring flowers:  1st Claire Crook

Vase of mixed spring flowers, novice: 1st Jennifer Poska

Vase of flowers from trees or shrubs, mixed: 1st Claire Crook; 2nd Janet Evans; 3rd Julia Perry

Foliage plant in pot: 1st Maureen Stevens; 2nd Claire Crook

Pot or bowl of a succulent or cactus: 1st Claire Crook

Floral Art

Wind in the Willows: 1st Sue Hedges; 2nd Maureen Stevens

Miniature exhibit in an egg cup: 1st Ann Holt; 2nd Ilse Eve; 3rd Jennifer Poska


Seville orange marmalade:  1st Jennifer Poska; 2nd Joan Bree; 3rd Ann Holt

Chutney: 1st David Brewer; 2nd Claire Crook, 3rd Ann Holt

Victoria sandwich: 1st Pauline Burling; 2nd Ann Holt; 3rd Alison Selman

Cheese scones: 1st Julia Perry; 2nd Jennifer Poska; 3rd Claire Crook

Easter biscuits: 1st Alison Selman; 2nd Pauline Burling;  3rd Claire Crook


Article of handicraft: 1st Bernard Winnington; 2nd Beverley Porteous; 3rd Joan Bree

Small painting, any medium:  1st Beverley Porteous; 2nd Barry Gibbons; 3rd Jennifer Poska

Small drawing, pencil or ink:  1st Jennifer Poska; 2nd Barry Gibbons; 3rd Ann Holt

Children, aged five to 11

Easter card: 1st Esme Crook,  2nd Joel Crook, 3rd Bella Fooks

Wooden spoon flower: 1st Isabel Walsh; 2nd Esme Crook; 3rd Bella Fooks

Three small cakes:  1st Esme Crook; 2nd Joel Crook; 3rd Isabel Walsh


Single tulip (close up):  1st Colin Mather; 2nd Ruth Morris; 3rd Barbara Pilbrow

Group of tulips: 1st Ruth Morris; 2nd Colin Mather; 3rd Barbara Pilbrow

Out and About Dawn to Dusk: 1st Ian Burgess;  2nd Sue Hedges; 3rd Colin Mather

Open: 1st Colin Mather;  2nd Ruth Morris; 3rd Sue Hedges

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