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Cow is champion for a fourth time

A COUPLE celebrated after their cow picked up her fourth champion’s crown at this year’s Henley

A COUPLE celebrated after their cow picked up her fourth champion’s crown at this year’s Henley Show.

Mike and Jennie Spooner’s five-year-old Aberdeen Angus Kingwood Willa was awarded native breed champion.

Her previous successes came in 2011, when she was named beef champion and the following year when she not only retained that title but also won supreme  champion.

Mrs Spooner said: "We’ve never had an animal with such a consistent record as her."

The cattle judging was one of the highlights of the 124th annual show, which took place at the Greenlands Farm showground, near Hambleden, on Saturday.

An estimated 9,000 people attended, including international showjumper Tim Stockdale.

There were scores of competition classes for cattle, sheep, poultry, heavy horses, caged birds, produce and horticulture.

This year’s supreme champion was 18-month-old Limousin cross Priceless, owned by the Hicks family, of Kingwood Farm in Wyfold.

The 800kg heifer was shown by 18-year-old Georgina Hicks who was surprised to receive the top prize.

"It’s a great achievement," she said. "We thought she would perhaps win champion of the commercial section because she was so good but not champion overall."

Georgina added: "She’s my baby."

Her mother Sam said: "All that hard work has paid off. It makes it all worthwhile and I’m proud of her."

The Spooners had not entered Kingwood Willa in the show since her last win.

Mrs Spooner said: "I’m delighted because it’s good to win against other breeds. She was the only Aberdeen Angus cow in the class and there were some good cattle from other breeds."

Another repeat winner at the show was gardener Tim Saint, from Playhatch, who took three prizes in the produce tent.

His 388lb pumpkin and 87lb marrow were both the heaviest and he also had the longest marrow at 39 inches.

Mr Saint, 34, who has been been entering the show for a decade, said he was "chuffed" even though he didn’t beat his winning pumpkin from 2010, which weighed 467lb. He planted his pumpkin and marrow seeds in April and fed the plants with cow manure.

He said: "I would say this is probably my best season in three or four years. The conditions have been good — plenty of rain, plenty of sun — it has been virtually perfect.

"If you overfeed them they will split, if you give them too much water they’ll just go soft and then rot.

"My little niece Jessica absolutely loves the pumpkin. She’s only two-and-a-half and everytime she comes round she has to go up the garden to sit on it and have a photo taken."

Mr Saint enjoys the effect his produce has on show visitors.

He said: "What I like about it is when the young children come in and say, ’mummy, look at the size of that’ — it makes people happy.

"I’ll be doing it until I can’t anymore, I love it."

Other attractions at this year’s show included vintage tractors and cars, showjumping, falconry, ferret racing, a dog show, the food and farming marquee and trade stalls.

There were performances by the Hurst Morris People, the Oxfordshire Jazz Collective and the Corunna Band and displays by Freddie’s Farm, the Gamegoer working dogs and Richard Savory’s popular Sheep Show.

A new addition to the show was a display of Renee Snouckaert’s rare Valais Blacknose Sheep, which she imported from Holland. Mrs Snouckaert, who runs Noblesse Stud in Checkendon, had three ewes to show visitors.

She said: "I had people non-stop from 8am taking photos and wanting to touch them.

"I really wanted to show them to everyone because there’s very few of them in this country. I’m doing the rounds to show how lovely and easy to handle the sheep are.

"The most comments I had were about how big they are.

"The sheep love the attention, they love posing. They really are prima donnas!"

Mrs Snouckaert, who owns four other ewes and two rams, said she hoped to be back at next year’s show. Andrew Ingram, chairman of the Henley and District Agricultural Association, which organises the show, said: "The show went extremely well.

"The weather was reasonably kind to us. It was a bit of a murky start but then it got progressively better.

"Everything seemed to run very smoothly in the main ring, where there were a lot of animals. The produce tent, the food and wine and the shopping arcade were very well supported."

Mr Ingram, who runs the Tree Barn in Christmas Common, added: "I’m a very strong believer that we have got to connect with our roots.

"It’s fascinating stuff for people who aren’t familiar with that and to see the cattle up close. When they are being judged the public can literally rub their noses.

"Our remit is to promote and further the education and understanding of farming and we have been doing that for 124 years and will continue to do so."

Mr Ingram was previously chairman from 1991 to 2001 and said: "I was absolutely delighted to be involved again."

For the show’s 125th anniversary year in 2016 Richard Ovey will be the chairman. His great, great grandfather, also called Richard Ovey, founded the show.

These are the full results for this year’s Henley Show.



Beef champion: D Hicks

Dexter classes

Dexter cow or heifer in milk: 1 Felicity Thomson; 2 P and C Stone; 3 Mrs Bobby Savill

Dexter cow or heifer in calf but not in milk: 1 Felicity Thomson; 2 S Vandell; 3 S Vandell

Dexter bull: 1 Felicity Thomson; 2 F Thomson; 3 S Vandell

Dexter heifer under 18 months at show date: 1 Felicity Thomson; 2 Felicity Thomson; Jill Gent

Dexter champion: Felicity Thomson

Hereford classes

Best matching pair: 1 Pam Noel and R Snelling; 2 Fiona Woolatt; 3 M Trinder

Heifer born in 2014: Fiona Woollatt; 2 Fiona Woollatt; Mrs L Jackson

Hereford heifer born in 2013: 1 Pam Noel and R Snelling;  2 Mrs L Jackson; 3 Megan Trinder

Cow or heifer born before January 1, 2013: Mrs L Jackson

Bull less than two years old on show day: 1 P Noel and  R Snelling; 2 Mrs S A Cowle; 3 Megan Trinder

Hereford breeders best female: Mrs L Jackson

Hereford champion: P Noel and R Snelling

Commercial beef and calf classes

Beef steer showing no broad teeth: 1 Mr and Mrs G R Fountaine; 2 D Plested

Beef heifer showing no broad teeth: 1 D Hicks; D Plested;  3 Mr and Mrs G R Fountaine

Beef calf of any breed born on or after January 1, 2015: 1 Mr and Mrs G R Fountaine; 2 Faith Trinder

Champion: D Hicks

Pure bred Continental

Pure bred heifer of any Continental breed that has not had a calf: 1 Mr & Mrs G R Fountaine; 2 Greyhound Estate

Pure bred British beef classes

Pure bred cow: 1 Mr and Mrs M Spooner; 2 Mr and Mrs G R Fountaine; D Howden

Bred heifer which has not calved: Mr and Mrs G R Fountaine; 2 Sir Martyn Arbib; 3 Mr and Mrs M Spooner

Bull less than two years on show day: 1 D Howden; 2 Sir Martyn Arbib; 3 J Franklin

Champion: D Hicks

Best pair of beef cattle: 1 Mr and Mrs G R Fountaine;  2 Pam Noel and R Snelling;  3 D Hicks

Young handlers aged six to 12: 1 Faith Trinder; 2 Jake Lake; 3 Archie Bowden

Young handlers aged 13 to 18: 1 James Hicks; 2 P Jee;  3 Jenni Lewis


Ram: 1 Mandy Sims; 2 James Wetherall; 3 Angela Reid

Ram lambs: 1 Angela Reid;  2 James Wetherall; 3 Mandy Sims

Ewe: 1 Angela Reid; 2 Mandy Sims; 3 James Wetherall

Ewe lamb: 1 Graham Ryves-Webb; 2 Angela Reid; 3Angela Reid

Group of three: 1 James Wetherall; 2 Mandy Sims; 3 Huttons Farm

Wool on the hoof: 1 James Wetherall; 2 Angela Reid; 3 Allison Pink

Young handler, aged six to 12: 1 Thomas Cannon; 2 Skye Saville

Commercial sheep: 1 Mr and Mrs G R Fountaine; 2 Sam Horner; 3 Nettlebed Estate

Champion sheep: Graham Ryves-Webb

Reserve champion: Angela Reid

Fleece classes

Shetland: 1 Chiltern Lamb;  2 Chiltern Lamb

Primitive and Hill: 1 Chiltern Lamb badger face; 2 Chiltern Lamb Balwen: 3 Chiltern Lamb soay

White short wool: 1 Graham Ryves-Webb

Southdown: 2 Nigel Adams Beulah speckled face: 3 Chiltern Lamb mule

Long wool white: 1 Chiltern Lamb grey face Dartmoor 2 Linda Scurr Wensleydale 3 Linda scurr grey face Dartmoor

Coloured short wool: 1 Chiltern Lamb Black Welsh Mountain; 2 Linda Scurr Jacob; Linda Scurr Jacob

Coloured long wool: 1 George Pierce Wensleydale; 2 George Pierce Wensleydale

Champion fleece: Chiltern Lamb grey face  Dartmoor


Best in Show: S and C Fuller

Reserve Best in Show: James Firth

Best old English game: Pedro Moreia

Best old English game 2015 bred: Dowden and Hine

Best large fowl: S and C Fuller

Best waterfowl: James Firth

Best soft feather bantam: James Firth

Best true bantam: James Firth

Best eggs: Jemma Hepburne-Scott

Best junior entry: Sophie and Lottie Baker

Best hard feather: Firth and Goodchild

Waterfowl: Cayuga m/f: P Hayes

Indian Runner m/f: 1 S Cox;  2 S Cox; 3 P Hayes

Saxony m/f: P Hayes

AOV heavy m/f: P Hayes

Call duck m: 1 J Firth;  2 M Ham; M Ham

Call Duck f: 1 J Firth;  2 M Ham; 3 J Firth

AV Waterfowl 2015 bred:  1 J Firth; 2 J Firth; 3 J Wetherall

Large fowl soft feather

Welsummer m/f: 1 T Smith;  2 S Hems

AOV light m/f: 1 S Walsh;  2 S Walsh

R.I. Red m/f: C Clacy

Maran m/f: J Wetherall

Orpington m/f: 1 S and C Fuller; 2 J Wetherall

Sussex m/f: 1 R Thomas;  2 R Thomas; 3 C Clacy

Cochin m/f: H Ogden

AOV Heavy m/f: 1 B Simpson; 2 A Robertson;  3 J Nicholson

AV large 2015 bred: 1 R Thomas; 2 S Mitchell; 3 A Robertson

Large fowl hard feather

Oxford m: L Hine

Oxford f: L Hine

Asil m/f: 1 Pedro Moreia;  2 Pedro Moreia

Large fowl rare breeds

Yokohama/Sumatra m: C Hull

AV large SF m/f: 1 S Walsh;  2 C Hull

Large rare breeds 2015 bred m/f: 1 C Clacy; 2 Clacy

Bantams hard feather

OEG black/blue f: 1 Dowden and Hine

OEG Furnace/Polecat f:  1 P Moreia; 2 L and B Aplin

OEG AOC f: 1 Dowden and Hine

Indian Game m/f: 1 P Smith

AV Asian m/f: 1, 2 and 3: Firth and Goodchild

Bantam HF 2015 m/f:  1 Dowden; 2 Dowden

Bantams soft feather light

Poland m/f: 1st A Robertson; 2 R Smith

AOC leghorn m/f: 1 C Clacy

Minorca m/f: 1 T Smith;  2 T Smith

Silkie m/f: 1 Smith;  2 A Robertson; 3 B Simpson

SF light bantam 2015 bred m/f: 1 C Phillips; 2 K Mitchell; 3 A Robertson

Bantams soft feather heavy

Frizzle m/f: 1, 2 and 3 J Campbell

Orloff m/f: B Simpson

Gold/silver laced wyandotte m/f: 1, 2 and 3 R J Sear

Partridge/pencilled wyandotte m/f: K Wilson

Wyandotte AOC m/f:  1 K Wilson; 2 S Mitchell

German langshan black m:  B and C Ward

German langshan AOC m/f:

B and C Ward

AOV SF heavy m/f: 1 J Nicholson; 2 J Freeman

SF heavy 2015 bred m/f:  1 J Firth; 2 C Phillips; 3 J Freeman

True bantams

85 Belgian d’anvers black m/f: J Firth

Pekin white m/f: P Smith

Pekin black m/f: 1 P Smith; 2 Dowden and Hine;  3 R Thomas

Pekin AOC m/f: 1 K Elliot;  2 P Smith; 3 R Thomas

Dutch Gold f: 1 C Hull;  2 C Hull; 3 L Hine

Sebright AC m: James  Wetherall

Sebright AC f: J Wetherall

Japanese m/f: 1 R Smith;  2 L and B Aplin; 3 R Smith

Rosecomb m/f: 1 T Smith;  2 T Smith

Serama m: 1 K Mitchell;  2 H Ogden

Serama f: 1 J Campbell;  2 K Mitchell

True bantam 2015 bred m/f:  1 L Hine; 2 L Hine;  3 K Elliot

Rare breed bantams

Yokohama/sumatra f: C Hull

AOV SF rare m/f: 1 T Smith; 2 J Freeman

Rare breed bantam 2015 bred m/f: 1 J Freeman; 2 T Smith


AV large fowl m/f: 1 M and R Hems; 2 J Hepburne-Scott:  3 J Hepburne-Scott

AV SF Bantam m/f: 1 S and L Baker; 2 N Walsh; 3 S and L Baker

AV True bantam m/f:  1 N Walsh; 2 N Walsh


Six large or bantam: 1 J Hepburne-Scott; 2 K Elliot;  3 B Hunter

Three dark brown large:  1 B Hunter; 2 H Ogden;  3 K Winslow

Three AOC large: 1 N Owen; 2 J Wetherall; 3 S Walsh

Two distinct colours large:  1 K Elliot; 2 N Firth;  3 B Hunter

Single large egg: 1 B Hunter;  2 K Elliot; 3 R Thomas

Three dark brown bantam:  1 S Walsh

Three AOC bantam: 1 S and L Baker; 2 S Walsh

Single bantam egg: 1 N Hine; 2 R Thomas; 3 K Elliot

Single waterfowl:  1 R Thomas; 2 K Winslow

Large contents: 1 J Hepburne-Scott; 2 K Winslow;  3 H Ogden

Bantam contents: 1 C Phillips; 2 S Walsh; K Winslow

Waterfowl contents:  R Thomas

Decorated egg (under-16s):  1 J Hepburne-Scott;  2 E Beazley; 3 J Beazley

Decorated egg (over 16s):  K Beazley


Gelding three years or older (sponsored by Desme and Ellie Smith)

Bettws William Henry, Waldburg Shires (owner), David Lawless (handler)

Gateridge Earl, A, L and C Thompson, Laura Thompson

Craikehowe Hall John Boy, A, L and C Thompson, Andy Thompson

Primrose Hill Boy, Waldburg Shires, David Scott

Westwinds Dyfed, Mark Ryan, Mark Ryan

Fifield Joss, G Kingdon, G Kingdon

Suffolk punches — geldings and mares (sponsored by Helen and Hattie Herridge)

Gateridge Earl, A, L and C Thompson, Andy Thompson

Craikhowe Hall John Boy,  A, L and C Thompson, Laura Thompson

Ridgeway Alice, Dr C Collier and Mr A Brewis, Alistair Brewis

Mare three years or over

Overbrook April Dawn,  M E and D E Wilson, Robert Wilson

West Winds Pollyanna,  M and R Messer, Florence Nichols

Westwinds Poppy, M and R Messer, Hannah Rose Westall

Ridgeway Alice, Dr C Collier and Mr A Brewis, Alistair Brewis

Foals born after January 1, 2015

Chalkhouse Blossom, S Hall, N Craig/B Honey

Ballinger Tom, James Hick, James Hick

Mare or Gelding one and two years old after January 1, 2015

West Winds Henry, M and R Messer, Hayley Golding

In hand championship

Overbrook April Dawn, M E and D E Wilson, Robert Wilson

Bettws William Henry, Waldburg Shires, David Lawless

Young handler lead rein (10 to 18 years old on show day)

Westwinds Poppy, M and R Messer, Hannah Rose, aged 13

Craikehowe Hall John Boy, A, L and C Thompson, Lewis, aged 12

West Winds Pollyanna, M and R Messer, Florence, aged 16

Ridgeway Alice, Dr C Collier and Mr A Brewis, Clare Hutchinson, aged 15

West Winds Dyfed, Mark Ryan, Izzy, aged 14

Harness class

Craikehowe Hall John Boy, A, L and C Thompson, Andy Thompson

Primrose Hill Boy, Waldburg Shires, David Scott

Fifield Joss, G Kingdon, G Kingdon

Turnout — single horse, trade

Ridgeway Alice, Dr C Collier and Mr A Brewis, Clare Collier

Primrose Hill Boy, Waldburg Shires, David Lawless

Turnout — single horse, agricultural

Craikhowe Hall John Boy,  A, L and C Thompson, Andy and Laura Thompson

Ridden class, sponsored by Henmans Freeth

Westwinds Poppy, M and R Messer, Florence Nichols

Vixen, Kirsten Schouvwenaars-Harms, Kirsten Schouvwenaars-Harms

Turnip van der Schaakhoeve, Bart Schouvwenaars-Harms, Bart Schouvwenaars-Harms

Westwinds Dyfed, Mark Ryan, Izzy Coghlan


Top tray: J McCartney;  M Hedges; G Talbot

Onions small: J McCartney;  J Pragnell; M Hedges

Onions large: J McCartney:  G Talbot; J Pragnell

Shallots: F Williams;  D S Lloyd; J McCartney

Combination onions:  J McCartney; M Hedges;  A Stilborn

Leeks: G Talbot; P McIntyre: E Beesley

Runner beans: J McCartney; R Wood; G Talbot

Carrots, short: J McCartney; M Hedges; G Talbot

Carrots, long: G Talbot;  J McCartney

Beetroot: J McCartney:  P McIntyre; D S Lloyd

Potatoes, white: J McCartney; G Talbot; R Wood

Potatoes, coloured: J McCartney; R Wood; G Talbot

Courgettes: M Hedges;  T Day; A Stilborn

Pair of marrows: M Sayer;  R Wood; J Pragnell

One courgette, one marrow: M Hedges; F Williams;  C Wetherall

Pumpkin: M Sayer;  D S Lloyd; F Williams

Longest runner bean:  P McIntyre; C Bevin; T Saint

Tomatoes: P McIntyre;  J McCartney; S Jefferies

Tomatoes, two cherry: S Jefferies; J McCartney;  D S Lloyd

Six cherry tomatoes: N Hine; D S Lloyd; A Stilborn

Truss of cherry tomatoes:  M Hedges: P McIntyre; G Heeks

Any other vegetable: J McCartney; M Hedges;  G Talbot

Pot-grown herb: C Gardiner Bunch of herbs: G Capron;  J Pearson; J Fraser

Growing herbs: J Pearson;  C Gardiner

Dessert apples: G Talbot;  M Hedges: A Staines

Cooking apples: S Baker;  F Williams; S Pragnell

Pears: A Staines; C Gardiner; G Talbot

Raspberries: G Capron;  J Pearson; C Bristow

Stone fruit: G Talbot; T Silva-Tully; E Silva-Tully

Grapes: F Williams

Any other fruit: C Bevin;  F Williams; A Staines

Garden flowers: G Capron:  J Smith; M Anderson

Specimen dahlia: J Pearson; G Capron

Mixed roses

Mixed floribunda: M Anderson

Five mixed roses: G Talbot; M Anderson

Three HT roses: G Talbot;  M Anderson

One specimen rose: G Talbot; M Anderson: L McTeague

Scented rose: M Anderson;  C Wetherall; L McTeague

Combination dahlias:  D Smith; M Hedges:  J McCartney

One giant dahlia: G Talbot: D Smith; M Hedges

Three med dec dahlias:  D S Lloyd; R Wood; M Hedges

Three cactus dahlias:  R Wood; D S Lloyd;  M Hedges

Three pom pom dahlias:  M Hedges; D S Lloyd;  G Talbot

One specimen dahlia:  G Hedges; J McCartney;  D S Lloyd

Spray chrysanthemum:  G Capron; J Pearson;  G Talbot

Chrysanthemum bloom:  S Jefferies; S Hedges;  S Jefferies

Top vase: J Pearson; R Wood; G Capron

House plant: G Talbot;  J Pearson; J Pragnell

Button hole/corsage:  J Smith; S Hedges; J Loveday

Red hot summer: S Hedges; M Spratley

Floral cupcake: J Fraser;  J Smith; D Guile

Harvest festival: S Hedges:  G Capron; M Spratley

Largest pumpkin: Tim Saint

Longest marrow: Tim Saint; G Heeks; C Wetherall

Largest marrow; T Saint;  C Bevan; C Lambourne

Heaviest cabbage: G Heeks:  T Saint; C Lambourne

Heaviest tomato: G Heeks: M Hedges; C Bevan

Heaviest onion: J McCartney; G Talbot; C Bevan

Pickled onions: D S Lloyd

Piccalilli: K Stilborn;  D Bruce; J Smith

Marmalade: A Warren;  C Dix; R Dix

Lemon curd: T Day; G Capron; S Griggs

Raspberry jam: S Beazley;  C Dix; M Beesley

Jam: T Day; G Pragnell; C Dix

Fruit jelly: C Dix; S Joubert;  S Joubert

Tea bread: U Dawes; E Beesley

Chocolate cake: U Dawes

Victoria sandwich: S Tilley;  S Griggs; U Dawes

Victoria sandwich: D Johnson; G Capron; H Cawthra

Bara brith: J Pearson; R Dix; S Beazley

Sausage rolls: M Beesley; J Pearson; M Miles

Cook of the year, women:  S Joubert; G Capron; T Day

Men’s orange marmalade: G Smith, R Dix

Men’s piccalilli: D Bruce

Victoria sandwich: S Tilley;  R Birkett; A Spratley

Art, any subject: C Gardiner; S Griggs; G Talbot

Landscape painting: M Vickers; S Griggs; C Gardiner

Black and white drawing:  C Shears; V Lunnon;  C Gardiner

Painting, animal portrait: C Gardiner; J Fraser;  V Lunnon

Wooden bird box: S Saint

Preloved garment: S Saint

Cushion: J Graham; C Bristow; S Griggs

Soft material garment: C Bristow; C Gardiner; J Gardiner

Snood or scarf: A Warren;  C Gardiner; S Saint

Hand-knitted garment: A Warren; U Dawes;  C Bristow

Canvas work: C Bristow; S Saint; L McTeague

Selfie: S Galvin; H Marlow;  S Galvin

Wildlife: A Dawes; S Baker;  J Dennis

Name that tune: J Fraser;  M Vickers; M Vickers

Wow what a view: S Galvin;  S Baker; R Wolton

Black and white photograph A Hawes; A Staines; S Tilley

Best friends: J Dennis; Simon Tilley; J Fraser

Digital photography:  A Hawes; S Galvin; A Hawes

Painted wooden spoon:  K Beazley; J Beazley; E Silva-Tully

Colouring competition: K Beazley; J Beazley; E Silva-Tully

Loom bands: A Hems;  H Dring; T Silva-Tully

My best friend: C Allen

Selfie: H Dring; O Hepburne-Scott; L Beesley

Cake: C Sears; C Ely

Photo: J Hepburne-Scott:  J Day; M McTeague

You’ve made it: A Dring;  C Sears

Special needs colouring: R Garner; L Allen; Kharee Roberts

Special needs colouring: N Hedges; N Keen;  C Hepwood

Decorated stone: T McTeague

Art, anything goes: Tracey Andrews, Pathways Group, Tyler Maxx

Painted stone: Liam Bayliss, Pathways, Alison; Pathways, Sam

Caple Young: Pathways;  Stilborn

Scarecrow: Pathways; Spratley’s; Stilborn


Dahlia Challenge Cup D Smith

Get Furnished Challenge  M Hedges

Longest Runner Bean  P McIntyre

Largest Pumpkin  T Saint

Longest Marrow  T Saint

Top Vase  J Pearson

Caple Young Pathways

Hayley Guile Cup  C Bristow

Charles Parker Cup  G Talbot

Cook of the Year  S Joubert

Sabrina  A Hawes

Top Tray  J McCartney

Hailey Compton Cup G Capron

Cottage Upholstery Cup  J McCartney

Chloe Memorial Cup G Smith

Tom Ownsworth Cup  J McCartney

Dolby Challenge S Hedges

Valentine Challenge G Capron

Sophie Spratley Shield 0-7  K Beazley

Bella Spratley 8-12  H Dring

Ancient Order Forresters Courtney Sears

Greys Hill Challenge G Talbot

Eva Holloway Challenge Cup T Saint

Heaviest Marrow  D S Lloyd


Tattersalls and ROR thoroughbred show series (qualifier)

1 Where’s my baby, A Quinlan, A Quinlan; 2 Rose Stone, G Forbes, G Forbes; 3 Pennfield Pirate, S Lambert-Gibbs, S Lambert-Gibbs

Accumulator with joker

1 Amrio, J Fisher, J Fisher;  2 Sligo Hermes Touch,   J Annett, J Annett; 3 Tiara Mail, The Ash Stud, J Crippen

Henley Show area trial

1 Javas Keltic Mist; Capt B Cournane, Capt B Cournane; Lightning 67, C Luyckx,  C Luyckx; 3 Cicero II,  C Luyckx, C Luyckx

Light trade turnout 1. Marlow Black Jack, J-H White, J-H White; 2 Thorneyside Magic, L May, L May;  3 Winnie and Whispher, P White, P and H White

Mercers local jumping

1 Priory Juniper, H Woodford, H Woodford; 2 Ri As Cashel, M De’ath, M De’ath; 3 Welsummer George,  T Annison, T Annison

Nupafeed senior discovery (first round)

1 Kandia VD Brouwer,   L Ball, L Ball; 2 Miss Esperenza, J Lye, C Barnes; 3 Race and Status, C Knapp, C Knapp senior newcomers

1 Anis De La Piece, Oakingham Stud, S O’Reilly;  2 Connor VII, Oakingham Stud, B Sheehan; 3 Da Vinci VD Bosrand Z, A Turner, A Turner

1.15 metre open

1 Arkade, L Scatterty, L Scatterty; 2 Concorde Two, L Fois, L Fois; 3 Annaghmore Dolce, R Simmons, R Simmons

Grade C and Horse & Hound foxhunter (first round)

1 Eye Candy, Oakingham Stud, B Sheehan; 2 Content,  P Brown, J Crippen; 3 Concorde Two , L Fois, L Fois

1.30 metre open

1 Warren Miss Contendro,  S Greenwood, T Stockdale; 2 Emerald De Lux, Oakingham Stud, B Sheehan; 3 Uno De Thot, Oakingham Stud, S O’Reilly

Equifest m&m inhand — small breeds

1 Kerridene Just Jazz, K Dipper, K Dipper; 2 Blenheim New Dawn, D Metcalf-Smith, K Thorpe; 3 Nottinghill Cockney Girl, J Smith, J Smith

Equifest m & m inhand — large breeds

1 Broughton Morwena,  L Evans, J Smith; 2 Northwick Notorious, L Barsoum, L Barsoum; 3 Oakfield Firefly II,  M Dewdney, D Dewdney

Equifest m & m ridden (mixed)

1 Lettergesh Bobby, C L Watson, K Bettison; 2 Blacknest Prince Hal, H Cannings,  H Cannings; 3 Megland Carnival, A Peters, R Kearney

Equifest lead rein

1 Burnside Lara, C Streams, G Semonella; 2 Dwylan Meiler, S Ward, J Ward;  3 Rhydfendigaid Sianco, C Rea, K Rea

Equifest m & m first ridden

1 Bryndorion Tomos, E Georgakis, E Georgakis

Equifest show pony first ridden

1 Barkway Make Believe,  K Drummond, R-J Drummond; 2 Jolaikes Evening Mist, A Sparkes, S Sparkes

Foreign breeds

1 Jelle, M Green, M Wakeman; 2 Grovewood Diosa,  I Allso, I Allso; 3 Valente,  M Andrews, M Felix-Andrews

Equifest/BSPA piebald/skewbald in-hand

1 Snowcroft Limited Edition, F Hunt, F Hunt; 2 Blenheim New Dawn, K Thorpe,  D Metcalf-Smith; 3 Pretty Boy Floyd, J Brady, J Brady

Equifest/BSPA piebald/skewbald ridden

1 Navarino, V Matthews,  V Matthews; 2 Wolfgang Dakota, M Skegg, C Fenwick; 3 Ollie IV, N Berry, C Berry

Open veteran in-hand

1 Minty, P Tappin, S Tappin;  2 Llafar Roger, J Smith, J Smith; 3 Brock Golden Boy, A Moore, L Moore

Best horse 20 years and over: Minty

Open veteran ridden

1 Corrie Murphy, D Harris, D Harris; 2 Brock Golden Boy, A Moore, L Moore; 3 Liquorice Allsort, M De’Ath, M De’Ath

Best horse 20 years and over Corrie Murphy

Best pony 20 years and over Brock Golden Boy

Henley Show veteran champion: Corrie Murphy

Reserve veteran: Minty

Class 221a Style and performance

1 TicTac, J Burrough-Haq,  J Burrough-Haq; 2 Lettergesh Bobby, C L Watson,  K Bettison; 3 Nana Moon,  R Stephens, L Stephens

Class 221b Style and performance

1 Mooche, M McArthur, M McArthur; 2 Nana Moon, R Stephens, L Stephens; 3 Just Amy I, P Williamson, L Parry-Williamson

Class 221c Style and performance

1 Mooche, M McArthur, M McArthur; 2 Lt Commander Farrell, S Wastie, S Wastie;  3 Limerick Lancer, J Burrough-Haq, J Burrough-Haq

Equifest open ridden hunter

1 Magic Moments II, L Jones, L Jones; 2 Modesty Blaize,  S Rimmer, A Joy; 3 Liath Cool Diamond, K Fallen,  K Fallen

Novice working hunter

1 Lt Commander Farrell, S Wastie, H Hickman;  2 Magic Moments II, L Jones, L Jones; 3 Bridgeview Lad,  C Webster, C Webster

BSPS/Equifest open working hunter pony (mixed height)

1 Jolaikes Evening Mist, A Sparkes, S Sparkes; 2 Lt Commander Farrell, S Wastie, H Hickman; 3 The Phantom, M Hughes, M Hughes

Woodland Pony Club prize: Maggie May

South Oxon Pony Club prize: The Phantom

Henley Show champion hunter: Magic Moments II

Reserve champion: Lt Commander Farrell

Pony Club pony

1 Humbug, E Newman,  B Connell; 2 The Phantom, M Hughes, M Hughes;  3 Black Borrish Hill, L Hughes, L Hughes

Pony Club/riding club horse

1 Rocket Lad, L Hughes,  L Hughes; 2 Inka, J Johnston, J Johnston; 3 Pelion Double Spirit, A Davies, A Davies


Pedigree Best in show: Shanna the Afghan hound, Ms L Heath

Reserve best in show: Toby Roque the pointer, Lynda Forsyth

Best puppy: Skadi the Alaskan malamute, Drew DuBarry

Best veteran: Ellie, Lesley Lambell

Best child handler: Bracken the Hungarian wirehaired vizla, the Wheal family

Novelty Best in show: Moo-Moo the greyhound, V Nicolas

Best cross-breed: Caine the lurcher, Jenny Hawthorn

Best puppy: Gracie the Yorkiepoo, Archie Betts


Class A

1 Delphine Gray-Fisk, Sunbeam 1911; 2 Marylyn Harold, Austin 7 Top Hat 1927; 3 Charles Toogood, Morgan Aero 1929

Class B

1 Andy Martin, MGA; Delphine Gray-Fisk, Rolls-Royce 1933; 3 Denis Foxley,

SS Jaguar 1939

Class C

1 Paul Rathbone, Ford Prefect 1952; 2 Peter Cadman, MG Magnette 1955; 3 Delphine Gray-Fisk, SS Jaguar 1948

Class D

Mr Cox, Triumph TR 6 1973; 2 John Woodhouse, Lotus Elan 1966; 3 Don Capel, Triumph Stag 1977

The David Westcott Memorial Challenge Cup

Steve Negus, E-type Jaguar 1969

The Jamie Corrie Memorial Challenge Cup

Mr Norris, Ford Anglia Estate 1966


Ferguson tractors

1 Ferguson TEF 20, Lisa Gamble and Julian Searl; 2 Ferguson Vineyard Tractor, Helen Anderson; 3 Ferguson TET 20, Gary Anderson

Best presented tractor

1 Ford 5000, Reg Meakers;  2 Massey Ferguson 203 Industrial, Tony Horler; 3 David Brown Cropmaster, Julian Searl

Tractor with implements

1 Ferguson TEF20 with muck spreader, Richard Best;  2 Fordson N with hay rake, Phil Dyer, 3 Fordson Dexta with mounted mower, Phil Dyer.

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