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Zara arrives to the sound of fireworks

ZARA FRINDALL was one of the first babies to be born in 2016

ZARA FRINDALL was one of the first babies to be born in 2016.

She arrived at 2.42am on New Year’s Day, the daughter of proud parents Simon and Emily, of Badgemore, Henley, and sister to Arabella, one.

She weighed 7lb 8oz when she was delivered at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.

Mrs Frindall, 35, a solicitor, was in labour for just 22 minutes after being driven to the hospital by her husband and arriving around midnight as fireworks celebrating the New Year were going off.

The couple were back home with the latest addition to their family by 7am when Arabella was still asleep with a family friend looking after the house.

Mrs Frindall said: “We came into the living room and Arabella woke up and came down.

“We introduced her and said this was baby Zara. She said ‘hello’ and gave her a kiss, then carried on playing with her toys. Later she offered her a cup of tea.

“Zara is wonderful. She eats, she sleeps, she poos and she wees and then repeats.”

In the week since the birth the family have been visited by grandparents as well as Mr Frindall’s other children Kaden, 10, and Nathaniel, nine.

Mrs Frindall, who was due on December 29, was only 1cm dilated when she arrived at the hospital and was told she would probably be sent home.

She said: “I didn’t want to go home because my previous labour was particularly quick, so we were sent to the waiting room.

“I think everyone was surprised how quickly it happened, including me, although I wasn’t as surprised as the midwife!” Mr Frindall, an account director at a marketing agency in Reading, said: “The turnaround for the whole thing was around seven hours.

“When we phoned the hospital we were told to come in but the likelihood was we would be sent home. Once it was done I thought maybe it was time to have my New Year drink!”

Mr Frindall said that before the birth he didn’t want his daughter to be born on one of the “big” days such as Christmas Day or January 1 but now he could see the positives.

He said: “Of all those days I think I would pick New Year’s Day. As she gets older everybody will be celebrating with her.”

Mrs Frindall added: “It’s a great family day so you can have them all round for it.”

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