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We cleaned for the Queen

VOLUNTEERS across South Oxfordshire collected dozens of bags of rubbish during Clean for the Queen

VOLUNTEERS across South Oxfordshire collected dozens of bags of rubbish during Clean for the Queen at the weekend.

Towns and villages across the country took part in the event to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Litter-picks took place in Nettlebed, Benson, Peppard, Goring and Bix as well as Lower and Middle Assendon.

The helpers filled special purple Clean for the Queen bin bags with discarded food packaging, plastic, cans and bottles.

In Nettlebed 12 volunteers collected 20 bags of rubbish on routes to Highmoor, Catslip, Crocker End and Park Corner, among others.

They also cleaned woodland near the Sue Ryder hospice, where they found five pairs of jeans, two yoga mats and a tea trolley.

Parish clerk Jane Pyrce said: “It went very well. People were so keen that once they set off I never saw them again! I think pride in the village is a sign of a good neighbourhood.”

In Peppard 14 people tackled areas including Stoke Row Road, Colliers Lane, Top Common and a section of the B481 and collected about 25 bags of rubbish.

Parish clerk Linda Collison said said: “It was lovely to see people from different parts of the village and the Women’s Institute come together to make a difference.

“There were people dotted all over the place and it was sweet everyone having a matching purple bag.”

Ms Collison thanked all those who had helped out adding: “We said to people if they couldn’t make it then to just spend half an hour outside their house.”

In Goring about 60 people, including a number of children, took part in the clean-up. They scoured roads, footpaths and hedgerows for litter as well as tidying up open spaces and around the station.

Maureen Whitcher, who lives in Gatehampton, said: “It went very well. We had all these people on a day that was freezing.

“We had at least 60 bags full of the usual litter, such as cans, bottles, cigarette packs and sandwich wrappers — all the usual rubbish that gets dumped by commuters and people travelling in and out of the village by car.

“It’s absolutely dreadful how much litter can be picked in such a short time. Twice a year we have a village litter- pick and the message isn’t getting through.”

The Women’s Institute provided home-made cakes for the volunteers.

More than 20 people were involved in Benson’s litter-pick on Saturday morning and collected a bag of rubbish each.

Parish clerk Pete Eldridge said: “It was very successful. We covered the village, the surrounding areas and Preston Crowmarsh and we had some very heavy bags.

“It’s nice to see people getting behind the community.”

He said a group of volunteers focused on a section of the A4074 and this would be repeated every two or three months. Mr Eldridge said: “It’s well known that people these days throw their rubbish out of their car windows, so it’s going to be an ongoing fight to keep it clear.”

At Bix on Sunday eight people collected as many sacks of rubbish in the village and along the A4130, while in Middle Assendon nine volunteers collected 12 bags and in Lower Assendon six people filled about eight bags.

Robert Aitken, vice-chairman of Bix and Assendon Parish Council, said there was a good turnout despite it being Mother’s Day.

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