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Ashley Videon Preston: April 11, 1943-February 9, 2016

ASHLEY VIDEON PRESTON died in Telford on February 9, aged 72.

ASHLEY VIDEON PRESTON died in Telford on February 9, aged 72.

He was born on April 11, 1943 in West London and lived in Corringway, Ealing, before moving to the Osborne Hotel in Torquay until the Second World War had ended.

Ashley then moved with his parents to a haunted flat in Bell Street, Henley, where he attended Sunday school at St Mary’s Church.

He learnt to play the piano and had his first pet cat, Singee.

The family then moved to Walton Avenue where his love for photography, gadgets and electrical items began, just like his father.

Weather equipment was installed in the garden and readings were sent to the

Henley Standard
. Ashley passed his motorcycle test and his love for motorbikes grew as he preferred them to cars. He was a member of the Auto-Cycle Union and later taught police motorcyclists.

Holidays were spent touring Europe with friends and going to the Isle Of Man TT races.

Freemasonry became an important part of Ashley’s life and he belonged to numerous lodges in the UK, Gibraltar and Portugal, where he also made many friends.

In 1974 he became the youngest ever master of Thames Lodge in Henley when he was 31. He was secretary of the lodge from 1989 to 1999, scribe of the Thames Chapter from 1982 to 2002 and the founding secretary in 1999 of the Round Table Thames Valley Lodge, which also meets at the Henley Masonic Centre.

Ashley later moved to Caversham Park, then to Nicholas Road, Henley.

All his working life was spent at the Prudential, initially in Holborn, then in Reading where he moved into IT and his passion for computers grew.

Ashley moved to Gibraltar, then to Sotogrande in southern Spain before returning to the UK in 2013 and to Telford to spend a quieter life.

He still recorded the weather and spent many hours at his computer.

Ashley’s smile, just like his mother’s, will remain with us forever.

The funeral, conducted by Rev Lee Plummer, was held in Telford on Monday last week.

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