Monday, 15 August 2022

Results of Chiltern Edge Horticultural Society’s spring show

THE Avern Trophy, best exhibit in daffodil and narcissus classes: Martin Hedges

THE Avern Trophy, best exhibit in daffodil and narcissus classes: Martin Hedges

The Grove Cup, most points in daffodil, narcissus and tulip classes: Bernard Winnington

The Frank Pritchard Cup, most points pot plant classes: Claire Crook

Certificate of Merit for Floral Art, most points in floral art:  Jennifer Poska

The Village Cup, best exhibit in flower classes: David Brewer

The Geoff Mitton Cup, Sonning Common Front Gardens Competition: 1st Roy Seccombe; 2nd Pamela Franklin; 3rd Alan and Janice Davis

Children 5 to 11 years, 1st Temperance Hunter; 2nd Esme Crook; 3rd Joel Crook


Specimen trumpet daffodil, any colour: 1st Bernard Winnington; 2nd Jennifer Poska; 3rd David Brewer

Specimen narcissus any colour: 1st Martin Hedges; 2nd Jo Stoves; 3rd Janet Evans

Vase of five trumpet daffodils, mixed: 1st Claire Crook; 2nd Wilma Crush; 3rd Bernard Winnington

Vase of mixed narcissi, one bloom per stem:1st Martin Hedges; 2nd David Brewer;  3rd Bernard Winnington

Vase of narcissi, more than one bloom per stem: 1st Bernard Winnington; 2nd David Brewer

Vase any other kind daffodil or narcissus: 1st Bernard Winnington; 2nd David Brewer

Three vases of three different varieties of daffodil, narcissus or both: 1st Bernard Winnington; 2nd Lynda Crocker

One specimen of bloom tulip: 1st Jo Stoves; 2nd Wilma Crush; 3rd Bernard Winnington

Vase of muscari, nine stems: 1st David Poole

Vase of polyanthus, five stems: 1st Jo Stoves; 2nd Jennifer Poska; 3rd Lynda Crocker

Vase of any other outdoor flower, one kind: 1st David Brewer; 2nd Claire Crook

Vase of mixed spring flowers, excluding shrubs: 1st Jennifer Poska; 2nd Claire Crook; 3rd Jo Stoves

Vase of flowers from trees or shrubs, mixed: 1st David Brewer; 2nd Wilma Crush; 3rd Claire Crook

Foliage plant in pot: 1st Claire Crook; 2nd Jennifer Poska; 3rd David Poole

Pot or bowl of succulent or cactus: 1st Colin Mather; 2nd David Poole; 3rd Claire Crook

Floral Art

Spring is in the air: 1st Jennifer Poska; 2nd Maureen Stevens

Miniature arrangement in glass jar: 1st Beverley Porteous; 2nd Ilse Eve; 3rd Jennifer Poska

Fruit and vegetables

Five sticks of rhubarb:1st Nigel Crush; 2nd Martin Hedges; 3rd Jennifer Poska

Any other vegetable: 1st Nigel Crush;  2nd Jennifer Poska; 3rd Martin Hedges


Seville orange marmalade: 1st Joan Bree; 2nd Joyce Brewer; 3rd Jo Stoves

Chutney: 1st= Jo Stoves and Jennifer Poska; 3nd Claire Crook

Apple loaf: 1st Claire Crook; 2nd Lynda Crocker; 3rd Julia Perry

Focaccia: 1st Nigel Crush; 2nd Jennifer Poska

Shortbread: 1st Jennifer Poska; 2nd Nigel Crush; 3rd Diane Gordon


Article of any handicraft: 1st Lyn Thompson; 2nd Maureen Stevens; 3rd Claire Crook

Small painting, any medium: 1st Sylvia Dickins; 2nd Jennifer Poska; 3rd Moira Poole

Small painting, pencil or ink: 1st Jennifer Poska

Children’s section, five to 11 years

Easter artwork: 1st Esme Crook

Easter hat or bonnet: 1st Temperance Hunter; 2nd Joel Crook

Easter biscuits: 1st Temperance Hunter; 2nd Esme Crook


Hyacinth: 1st Colin Mather; 2nd Nigel Crush; 3rd Jennifer Poska

Grape hyacinth: 1st Colin Mather; 2nd Nigel Crush; 3rd Moira Poole

Capturing the colours of the countryside: 1st Colin Mather; 2nd Ruth Morris; 3rd Moira Poole

Open class: 1st Nigel Crush; 2nd Colin Mather; 3rd Moira Poole.

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