Saturday, 05 December 2020

Neighbours opposed to shop extension

A SUPERMARKET in Sonning Common wants to expand but neighbours have objected.

A SUPERMARKET in Sonning Common wants to expand but neighbours have objected.

The Co-op in Wood Lane wants to create an 83 sq m extension to make the total floor space 405 sq m.

In a design and access statement, Archer Architects say: “The proposed development follows the pattern of the surrounding buildings, retaining and enhancing the existing streetscape.

“A number of the existing buildings have been extended to the rear and side, which sets a precedent for this proposal.

“So as not to impact on the neighbours, the extension has been designed to be as efficient as possible in terms of proposed floor space while meeting the commercial requirements of the Co-op to increase sales and enhance the customer experience.

“The site’s proximity to the village centre means it is easily accessible to those using public transport, particularly buses and trains.

“A new pedestrian-only access to the site is proposed on Woodlands Road, which would be used for deliveries only. There is a regulated loading bay adjacent this access which would be retained.”

Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, says the extension would not create any extra traffic but that the Co-op should have a traffic management plan.

Alison and Geoffrey Adams, who live in Woodlands Road, have objected.

In a letter to South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, they said: “The access for deliveries is moved from the east side of the building to the north end of the new structure. This would bring it closer to our property and increase the noise nuisance.

“The design and access statement fails to report that not only is the original structure of the shop Edwardian but our house, next door, was built in 1910.

“Neighbouring houses are also of pre-war construction. No mention is made of the trolley park. If it is to be to the north of the new structure this would create much more noise for us.

“Finally, the Co-op has a poor record in boundary management of the car park, has failed to tackle the drainage issues and is seemingly incapable of setting the timing of the car park lighting.”

Sonning Common Parish Council has recommend that the plans are approved. The district council will make a decision by August 8.

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