Friday, 17 September 2021

How will we spend £75,000?

HENLEY Town Council has drawn up a list of infrastructure projects to spend housing developer contributions on.

These include bike racks, adult gym equipment, allotments, ecological enhancements, town centre improvements, community safety, air quality and traffic measures.

The council is due to receive £52,000 in community infrastructure levy payments next month.

This is on top of £22,700 it has already been given by South Oxfordshire District Council, which collects and redistributes the levy money.

The money must be used to mitigate the effects of development by going towards infrastructure, such as schools, transport and flood defences, as well as community, leisure and health and social care facilities.

As Henley has a made neighbourhood plan, it receives 25 per cent of the developer contribution money. Areas without a plan receive 15 per cent.

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