Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Signs like litter, says ex-mayor

HENLEY is “littered” with advertising signs, according to a former Mayor.

Pam Phillips, of St Mark’s Road, said there were signs attached to railings at Red Lion Lawn advertising events happening up to 40 miles away.

She raised the issue at a meeting of the town council, saying: “We don’t want our town to be littered with signs.”

Mayor Kellie Hinton said the railings were the responsibility of Hobbs of Henley and she had spoken to Suzy Hobbs, the company’s business development manager.

The issue has also been raised by Philip Booth, a Henley estate agent, on Facebook, where he posted a picture of the railings with the message: “Does anybody else think these banners opposite the Red Lion look awful?”

Mrs Hobbs replied: “Hobbs have always supported local events by allowing a couple of banners to go up there on a short-term basis but this has led to a proliferation of banners going up without permission.

“We noticed this the other day and agree that the amount of banners looks unsightly. We are currently reviewing this policy to reduce the amount of banners at any one time.”

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