Saturday, 05 December 2020

'Welcome wall' idea delayed

PLANS for a “welcome wall” at the Leichlingen pavilion in Henley have been sent back to the drawing board.

The town council, which owns the octagonal building off Meadow Road, wants to clad the south-western brick face with a map of Mill and Marsh Meadows and the town centre.

This would be designed to make the pavilion look more attractive and direct more visitors towards the town centre.

But members of the council’s recreation and amenities committee said that a suggested panel design was not detailed enough.

This had separate maps of Mill and Marsh Meadows and a smaller one of the town centre but members said there was enough space for a single large map which would leave more room to highlight individual attractions.

The design by TM omitted key facilities like the moorings along Thames Side and Riverside and didn’t make clear where the shops were.

Councillor Sam Evans said: “The idea was that it would be full of information and encourage people to visit lots of different places but this is just cold and clinical.

“That side of the pavilion isn’t very attractive and the ‘welcome wall’ should point people towards everything that’s on offer when they arrive.”

Councillor Glen Lambert said he hated the design, adding: “I’m not convinced we need it but if we’re going to do something like this then it must be done properly.”

The proposal has been under discussion since July 2016.

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