Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Mayor’s baptism of fire

THE new Henley Mayor and Deputy Mayors’ plea for greater cross-party unity on the town council took just half an hour to hit its first snag.

During this year’s mayor-making ceremony at the town hall on Monday, Councillors Glen Lambert and Ken Arlett, of Henley Residents Group, said they hoped to see an end to the frequent spats between their ruling party and the Conservative opposition.

But as Cllr Lambert was proposing the make-up of the council’s committees for the coming year, Conservative leader Julian Brookes stood up to put forward an amendment before the new Mayor had finished speaking.

Cllr Lambert ordered him to sit and wait his turn but Cllr Brookes continued to speak so the Mayor repeatedly commanded: “Sit!” and he did so.

It was later claimed that Cllr Brookes and Councillor Ian Reissmann, HRG’s chairman, had informally agreed the balance of the committees in advance but HRG changed the proposal at the 11th hour.

Fortunately, the Mayor and Cllr Brookes were seen discussing the situation amicably after the ceremony had finished. Hopefully things will progress more smoothly from this point onwards!

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