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Meet the Candidates: Laurence Plant (Conservative)

Meet the Candidates: Laurence Plant (Conservative)

LAURENCE PLANT, 30, lives in Ancastle Green, Henley, and is a chiropractor. He is the clinic director at Henley Practice in Greys Road car park, which he set up in 2015, He also works at its sister company, Athlete Service.

“I GREW up in Henley, was educated locally and have first-hand experience of the many brilliant sports clubs we have.

In my school holidays I worked for Hobbs of Henley and Franco-Belge Patisserie and after graduation set up my own business in Henley town centre.

At 26, my business partner Robin Griffiths and I agreed that we were capable of taking Athlete Service from a 1,000sq ft plot at Henley Enterprise Park to the 6,000sq ft premises of the Oast House in the Greys Road car park. Athlete Service later spawned Henley Practice after almost four year of relentless passion to succeed.

My love and commitment for Henley is why I have now climbed above the parapet to stand for positive change in areas that matter to me.

I played and picnicked in Marsh and Mill Meadows as a child and I have run and had barbecues there as an adult.

I want to see them enjoyed by all and for generations to come. To ensure this, we must manage them in a way that encourages and enables proper use of the area and indeed all our outdoor spaces.

Henley Practice occupies the first floor of a building in a car park, so this is a daily reminder to me and our clients of the difficulties that face Henley regarding traffic congestion and parking for locals, businesses and visitors alike. A solution to this is essential for Henley.

By running a town centre business, I have an informed understanding of the difficulties of operating a Henley retail outlet. It is of paramount importance to me that Henley thrives for local shops and small businesses and to continually attract visitors and the prosperity they bring to our great town.

In my academic, sport and business life, I have always given my best and this has been reflected in my results. I believe now to be the time I can best serve the town that I grew up in.

I would be honoured to serve as your councillor and would be grateful for your vote.”

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