Sunday, 29 November 2020

Residents could pay to warn off inconsiderate drivers

RESIDENTS of a street in Sonning Common could pay for road markings to try and stop people from parking in front of their drives.

David Bartholomew, who represents the village on Oxfordshire County Council, has been contacted by those living in Ashford Avenue complaining of the problem.

Speaking at a meeting of the parish council on Monday last week, he said the highways department would paint “access protection markings” on driveways but residents would need to contribute £120 towards it.

The marking is a single white line and is only a deterrent because it is not enforceable by the highways authority.

Councillor Bartholomew explained: “Some people are parking over where others have driveways and blocking them. Our officers have looked at it and could use something called access protection marking.

“It is not legally enforceable but it is an effective deterrent because people think it is enforceable. Although if someone is causing an obstruction then it can be an offence with the police. 

“If residents want to take advantage then they have to contribute £120 to the cost, but it is probably a price worth paying for many people.”

Cllr Bartholomew said some residents had reported aggressive behaviour by those parking inappropriately and he had told them to contact the police.

Meanwhile, the centre of Sonning Common is being used as a park and ride, according to a parish councillor.

Dirk Jones said people were driving to the village before leaving their cars parked in Wood Lane or in the village hall car park, off the same street, and catching a bus to Reading.

Councillor Jones said: “There are cars in the car park which are there all day. We’re already being used like a park and ride. We need to find a way to clamp down on it. Maybe we need to put a time limit in. 

“There are people who come and park to use the shops or get their hair cut but some people are using it as a park and ride and we need to stamp it out.”

Parish clerk Philip Collings said it may need to get someone to monitor the car park and see how long the vehicles were there.

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