Friday, 12 August 2022

River moorings in need of repair

THE river moorings in Henley are in need of repair.

The temporary and permanent moorings in Mill Meadows and the river frontage in Marsh Meadows were inspected in August by marine construction specialists on behalf of the town council.

Thames Riverworks Piling found that 30m of river frontage on Marsh Meadows had “badly chipped” concrete blocks but the remaining 28m was in a better condition.

The stone and concrete wall in Mill Meadows had started to crumble and needed repair.

The company’s report said: “This wall is quite old and the sheet piling was probably installed at a later date due to the wall becoming undermined. The wall has been patched up over the years and is now starting to crumble at the edge and has broken away in places. The wall is now in need of repair.”

The report said the 220m section of moorings is structurally sound but the stonework has “numerous” chunks missing while an 8m section of the river wall directly downstream of the River & Rowing Museum has “slumped down”.

Town clerk Janet Wheeler said she would seek three estimates for the repairs, adding: “It is a lot of money.”

She said that in the meantime the parks services were doing an effective job in keeping the bank in good order according to the Environment Agency, which is responsible for the river.

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