Friday, 24 May 2019

Meet the Candidates: Jo Robb

Meet the Candidates: Jo Robb

Jo Robb (Grn)

I LIVE with my family in Shepherds Green, just outside Henley, and have only recently joined the Green Party, motivated by what is going on both locally and internationally.

It really feels like time for a change so that we can leave our environment in a decent state for our children and for future generations, and we need new ways of doing things at local, national and international level to achieve that.

I’m passionate about the area and believe politics should be about working together for our local community.

Our electoral system has made it difficult for smaller parties, but people are hungry for more voices to be heard. In these local elections, the Liberal Democrats and Greens have decided to work together and not compete with each other, bringing a more grown-up and collaborative approach to local issues, which I think people will welcome.

We’ve all seen the failings of Westminster politics. Residents in Woodcote and Rotherfield ward can vote Green knowing we will provide a real and credible alternative to the failed policies of the Conservatives.

Greens were the closest challengers in 2015 in Woodcote and Rotherfield Ward and it really feels like people here are ready for a change of approach.

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