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Illegal parking puts lives in danger, says councillor

Illegal parking puts lives in danger, says councillor

DRIVERS who park illegally outside Henley town hall are putting lives at risk, says a councillor.

Donna Crook says the cars obstruct the flow of traffic and can prevent larger vehicles such as buses and fire engines getting through.

She was speaking after personally confronting a woman who was parked partially on the pavement and on double yellow lines but ignored her request to move.

This was the latest in a series of such incidents.

Councillor Crook said: “The woman was sitting in the car and was probably waiting for someone.

“I asked her to move the car and she just turned the wheel. She didn’t take me seriously at all.

“I really want to highlight how dangerous this is. People shouldn’t be parking there — there are double yellow lines for a reason.”

Henley firefighters complained on Twitter about being delayed by a shopper when responding to an emergency call.

They said: “We get frustrated by the parking there. Slows us down when responding to emergencies.

“People just don’t seem to care. We had to wait 30 seconds the other day for someone to come out of the shop to move their car!”

Cllr Crook said: “That ignorance could be the difference between life and death. People think it is acceptable but they are not realising how serious a problem it is. God forbid if it was their family stuck in the fire.

“I know that parking in Henley is limited but people should be a bit more considerate. We have the same problem in York Road.

“We should have more visible policing because it would deter people from this and other things as well but people shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

Cllr Crook, who doesn’t own a car, also complained about the tyre marks left on the York paving stones.

She said: “I get so annoyed. It costs the town council an awful lot of money to clean the paving stones. I will be offering a bucket and scrubbing brush to the next one I see parked and they can clean the marks their tyres make.”

In December. a bus was delayed outside the town hall for half an hour as the driver couldn’t get past parked cars.

The driver said this was a frequent experience due to vehicles being parked on double yellow lines, in loading bays and even in bus stops.

In January, a man was on his way to Townlands Memorial Hospital when he was forced to get off at the end of York Road after the bus was blocked by cars.

In February, a car was photographed parked on double yellow lines outside the town hall despite traffic cones having been added in an attempt to keep the area clear.

At the time, town councillor Stefan Gawrysiak called drivers who park on double yellow lines “selfish”.

He said: “There have been times when the bus hasn’t been able to access the hospital or go along Friday Street. It’s not on and it’s purely because selfish drivers park on double yellow lines.

“People need to realise that there is a knock-on effect if they park in difficult places for a bus to get round. This applies to all buses and lorries as well.

“We have asked, and will continue to ask, the police to ticket cars that are parked inconsiderately because it does considerably inconvenience the buses.”

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