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Woman hurt after tripping over base of old phone box

Woman hurt after tripping over base of old phone box

WOMAN was injured when she tripped on the base of an old phone kiosk in Sonning Common.

Jeni Wood was walking past the village hall in Wood Lane when the incident happened at about 5.30pm on November 11.

She was helped to her feet by two women who were passing.

Mrs Wood, of Stoke Row Road, Peppard, said: “I literally fell flat on my face. I must have caught my toe on the ledge of the kiosk.

“I had a bruise on my hand but the right side of my body hurt the most and I’ve got pain in my shoulders and the top of my arm. I just felt shaken up.

“It’s all muscular and I’ve spoken to a doctor who said it will be about six to eight weeks before it gets better. I just want to thank the two ladies who helped me. They came zooming over and were just wonderful, asking me if they could take me home and where I was going.”

Mrs Wood, who is chairwoman of Peppard Parish Council, had been shopping and visiting the Day Lewis Pharmacy and was on her way to collect her granddaughter from a tennis session when she fell.

She said: “I’m thinking about applying for compensation but I don’t know whose responsibility it is.”

The BT telephone kiosk was removed in March and last week the base was removed by Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, and the area has now been levelled with tarmac.

Mrs Wood said: “I’m grateful — It was really quick. I phoned the parish clerk Philip Collings and told him what had happened.

“I still think they should put a bit of light over it as it’s a dark corner. It was pitch black when I fell but there was nothing marking it. The fall really did shake me up but the response has been good.”

Mr Collings said the base had not been considered a safety issue.

He said: “It had been in that state for well over a year, maybe longer, but it was removed very quickly by the county council.”

When the phone box was removed, BT said payphone usage had continued to decline over the past decade and the company had received no formal objections about its removal.

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