Saturday, 14 December 2019

Fresh ideas and hopeful concepts

Fresh ideas and hopeful concepts

Dr David McElroy (Green)

I LIVE near Reading town centre with my wife and son. I work in marine sustainability, striving for an ocean teeming with life that provides for us and future generations.

Having a young family, my vision is for a fair, cleaner United Kingdom for all of us. This includes fighting climate change, global engagement by remaining in Europe and defending our precious public services (such as the now closed Arthur Hill swimming pool) from punitive Tory cuts. 

Reading East deserves change, it deserves to remain and it needs fresh ideas. The House of Commons has too many career politicians whose only connection to the real world is a theoretical grasp of law and/or economics. 

As an applied scientist with a career in the real world, I will take an evidence-based approach for a fairer society by taking action on climate change, seeking electoral reform and bringing forth a People’s Vote.

The major parties have hidden behind first past the post for far too long and it is time that positive and hopeful concepts are given the platform they deserve.

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