Sunday, 18 April 2021

Less need for notices

A REVIEW of the community noticeboards in Wargrave is to be carried out by the parish council.

The council is responsible for maintaining and updating the boards at the Horns pub in Crazies Hill, on the wall oustide Woodclyffe Hall in High Street and on the boundary with Hare Hatch.

The last of these is said to be “dilapidated” but is likely be moved into an old phone box in Blakes Lane, which was adopted by the council after being decommissioned by BT.

A council meeting heard the boards were in a poor condition and the notices on them were often out of date.

Councillor Michael Etwell asked if they were all necessary, adding: “It is probably worth keeping one or two in more strategic locations.”

Councillor Marion Pope added: “I go around periodically and take down all the old notices and put them in the bin.

“I think we still need them because not everybody reads Wargrave News or has got a computer. A lot of the elderly do like to stand there and read what is going on but I agree they do need updating and repairing.”

Members agreed to carry out a review.

• The noticeboards in Purfield Drive and Highfield Park are not the responsibility of the council.

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