Tuesday, 18 May 2021

House plan withdrawn again

PLANS to demolish and replace a house in Loddon Drive, Wargrave, have been scrapped for a second time.

Gavin and Jean Dunbar want to redevelop their home, where they have lived for more than 25 years, as they feel it is too small and no longer up to modern standards.

The new house would have two storeys, with five bedrooms and a grass-covered roof. It would also be raised off the ground to reduce the flood risk from the River Loddon.

The Dunbars submitted an application to Wokingham Borough Council last year but then withdrew it following objections raised by Wargrave Parish Council and neighbour Peter Worden.

They amended the plans and applied again but have now withdrawn these too after more concerns were raised.

The parish council said the new house would be too intrusive and too big for its location.

Councillors said the removal of a first-floor window and the proposed boathouse, which were included in the first application, were an improvement on the “tent-type” roofing that was proposed but still not suitable.

Mr Worden said his concerns about loss of privacy had not been addressed and he was also worried about the size of the property.

He said: “We would take issue with the assertion made that the proposal of a property of this excessive size and bulk provides a joyous and sympathetic development in a countryside setting.

“Previously proposed windows in the upper-storey bedrooms on the elevation overlooking our property have been removed. However, in their place is now proposed a full-size balcony on the rear bedrooms.

“Quite obviously, a balcony provides the same, if not greater ability, to overlook.”

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