Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Businesses urged to obey rules

Businesses urged to obey rules

BUSINESS owners in Henley need to remind their customers about sticking to the coronavirus safety guidelines, say covid compliance marshals.

The marshals, who are employed by South Oxfordshire District Council, say traders should remind people to make space while queuing and not allow too many people inside their premises at the same time.

Shoppers should wear face coverings inside shops and working environments.

The marshals walk around the town centre monitoring shops, market stalls and takeaways. They cannot enforce the rules, only encourage people to follow them.

The council said that since non-essential businesses
re-opened, the majority of owners and customers were complying but some rules were being forgotten.

A spokeswoman said: “Sometimes we have to remind people to make space while queuing or not to allow too many people inside premises at one time.

“The marshals remind people that face coverings must still be worn for the safety of all, whether indoors, working with colleagues or in a setting where they are likely to come closer than 2m to others.

“Henley market is well laid out to create a safe shopping environment. Both market traders and customers are recommended to wear a face covering despite it being an outdoor event.

“People come close to one another while shopping and the face coverings provide added protection.

“In this good weather the outdoor spaces of the cafés in the town are popular. Staff serving at outdoor spaces should wear face masks when serving customers.

“We ask customers to be patient with the people running businesses as they aren’t the ones making the rules. They are just trying to keep all customers and staff safe.

“Our marshals are there to remind shoppers and business owners to allow as much fresh air in premises as possible and to make space for others inside and out, use face coverings and use hand sanitiser.”

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